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logo Death Angel

Liste des groupes Thrash Bay Area Death Angel


Statut Date de formation


Popularité   Fans
    858 Fans
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Line-up actuel

Autres groupes/Commentaires
Rob Cavestany
: Guitare
[1982-1991] [since 2001], ex-Smokestack, ex-Swarm (USA), ex-The Organization, ex-The Past
Damien Sisson
: Basse
[since 2009], Nullsake, Potential Threat, Scarecrow (USA)
Will Carroll
: Batterie
[since 2009], Scarecrow (USA), The Past, Warning SF, ex-Machine Head, ex-Mindzone, ex-Old Grandad, ex-Serpent Crown, ex-Ulysses Siren, ex-Warfare DC
Ted Aguilar
: Guitare
[since 2001], Scarecrow (USA), ex-Mudface, ex-Warfare DC
Mark Osegueda
: Chant
[1984-1991] [since 2001], All Time Highs, ex-Silver Circus, ex-Swarm (USA), ex-The Past

Membres passés

Autres groupes/Commentaires
Sammy Diosdado : Basse [2009], ex-The Sick
Gus Pepa : Guitare [1982-1991], ex-The Organization, ex-The Past
Dennis Pepa : Basse, Choeurs [1982-1991] [1991-2008], founder member, Big Shrimp, ex-The Organization
Andy Galeon : Batterie [1982-1991] [2001-2009], founder member, ex-Big Shrimp, ex-Depressor (USA), ex-Smokestack, ex-Swarm (USA), ex-The Organization, ex-The Past


Heavy Metal Insanity (Démo - )   
Kill As One (Démo - )mp3Paroles 
The Ultra-Violence (Album - )mp3ParolesChroniques
Frolic Through the Park (Album - )mp3ParolesChroniques
Fall from Grace (Live - )mp3ParolesChroniques
Act III (Album - )mp3ParolesChroniques
The Art of Dying (Album - )mp3ParolesChroniques
Archives and Artifacts (Compilation - )   
The Long Road Home (Compilation - ) Paroles 
Killing Season (Album - )mp3Paroles 
Sonic Beatdown - Live in Germany (Live - )mp3Paroles 
Relentless Retribution (Album - )mp3ParolesChroniques
The Dream Calls for Blood (Album - )mp3Paroles 
The Bay Calls for Blood - Live in San Francisco (Live - )mp3  
The Evil Divide (Album - ) ParolesChroniques


  • Death Angel - Breakaway

  • Death Angel - Lost

  • Death Angel - Hatred United / United Hate

  • Death Angel - The Dream Calls for Blood

  • Death Angel - The Dream Calls for Blood (Lyrics Video)

  • Death Angel - The Dream Calls for Blood (Trailer)

  • Death Angel - Dethroned

  • Death Angel - Thicker Than Blood

  • Death Angel - River of Rapture

  • Death Angel - Truce

  • Death Angel and Armored Saint - Let There Be Rock

  • Death Angel - Untitled (Live in Roma, 13/04/2008)

  • Death Angel - Seemingly Endless Time (Live at budapest 2008)

  • Death Angel - Thrown to the Wolves (Live at Wacken 2004)

  • Death Angel - 5 Steps of Freedom (Live at Rock Hard Fest 2007)

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