Winternight Tragedies

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Band Name Catamenia
Album Name Winternight Tragedies
Type Album
Дата релиза 2005
Лейблы Massacre Records
Музыкальный стильMelodic Black
Владельцы этого альбома78


1. The Heart of Darkness 05:03
2. Verikansa 04:53
3. Strength and Honor 05:07
4. The Crystal Stream 03:54
5. Kaamos Warrior 03:53
6. My Blood Stained Path 04:54
7. Perintö Pohjolan 05:00
8. Iced Over 05:24
9. The Ancient 05:46
10. Fuel for Hatred (Satyricon Cover) 03:32
Total playing time 47:26

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Комментарий @ Mika_Helvetia

21 Январь 2006
Change among Finns… one changes voice, that of one of the founders of the group (Mika Tonig) by that of OuJee Mustonen. One passes to a style épique, with martial riffs, more violating, drums worthy of a MG42 and this new voice which agrees perfectly with the music. We begin with The Heart Of Dakness the first riff immediately gives us the tone of this album! But it is now that the machine of war Catamenia begin really to fight with from now the mythical Verikansa! A intro resulting right of a battle field from the 39-45, a riff of guitar followed by the frantic hammering of the battery! Catamenia, to trust of its origins, starts us all that in Finnish! The language gutturale which it is grants with the martiality of the track whose refrain is now entonné by very good amateur of the kind. Follow Strenght And Honnor, in a more languid register but also involving, The Cristal Stream softened of a cleared up voice, Kaamos Warrior, the good My Blood Stained The Path, Perintö Pohjolan, second track in Finnish, the icier tracks : Iced Over and The Ancient. One close the whole with a rather successful resumption of Fuel For Hatred of Satyricon. Powerful album but which risk can be to disappoint the fans first hour which undoubtedly expected something of icier...

Advised tracks:

-Verikansa !!!
-My Blood Stained The Path
-The Ancient

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