The Guillotine

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Band Name Vulture (GER)
Album Name The Guillotine
Type Album
Дата релиза 25 Август 2017
Лейблы High Roller Records
Музыкальный стильSpeed Metal
Владельцы этого альбома24


 Clashing Iron
 Triumph of the Guillotine
 Electric Ecstasy
 Adrian's Cradle
 (This Night Belongs) to the Dead
 Cry for Death

Total playing time: 38:30

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Обзор @ winterdemon

29 Август 2017

German speed attack

The Guillotine is the first release from the in 2015 formed german speed/thrash metal band Vulture. Vulture was formed by band member from bands like Bulldozing Bastard, Wifebeater and other famous underground speed bands from germany. I couldn't wait the day until they released their first record after their first demo Victim to the Blade came out in 2016. Vuture looks really like a typicl speed metal band from the early eightes in a chains and leather style just like Judas Priest did it back in their most famous era.

Well The Guillotine includes 8 fast speed songs and everyone of it got his special sound in his own way. The first track of the first full-length album is called Vededtta and start with a classical piano intro and turns into a extreme fast speed metal war machine and by the way i have to say, L. Steeler has got this amazing high voice but L. Steeler can even sing with a deep and rough voice like he did it by Bulldozing Bastard before. I also like in this song the slowed down part in the middle, it gives you time for a little break in this fast and heavy speed metal massacre.

My Absolutley favourite track on The Guillotine is Electric Ecstasy. A very in the slow speed sector song but also very simple with good written lyrics about the danger of druge abuse. This first full-length long Album was released by the in 2004 founded german lable High Roller Records and my impression about Hig Roller Records is, that this Guys got a right feeling about the real good undeground stuff. So this is The Guillotine the first record from Vulture and I hope it's not the last but, let us wait and see how it developed in the next months. At last I say when you a are a fan of old classic speed metal then you have to go out and buy this Album. I am sure you like it.

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SilentWalker - 21 Сентябрь 2017:

That is realy interesting ;)

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