The Funeral Album

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Band Name Sentenced (FIN)
Album Name The Funeral Album
Type Album
Дата релиза 30 Май 2005
Лейблы Century Media
Produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa
Recorded at Finnvox Studios
Музыкальный стильGothic Metal
Владельцы этого альбома160


1. May Today Become the Day 04:00
2. Ever-Frost 04:18
3. We Are but Falling Leaves 04:28
4. Her Last 5 Minutes 05:40
5. Where Waters Fall Frozen 00:58
6. Despair-Ridden Hearts 03:40
7. Vengeance Is Mine 04:15
8. A Long Way to Nowhere 03:26
9. Consider Us Dead 04:51
10. Lower the Flags 03:34
11. Drain Me 04:33
12. Karu 01:03
13. End of the Road 05:00
Bonustracks (Japanese Edition)
14. Nepenthe (Live)
15. Brief Is the Light (Live)
Total playing time 49:53

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Обзор @ Julien

22 Сентябрь 2005
To start this review we could use this proverb : every good thing has an end....
If you don't know yet, this album marks the end of Sentenced.
So it's not coincidence if the album is called The Funeral Album.
After this last offering and some gigs, the band will put an end to the Sentenced's story.
Coming from Melodic Death Metal, Sentenced arrives today with a new CD in the pure agressive heavy tradition.
The sound is very modern and has a rare power which blasts you off since the first riffs.
We really feel that the band has given their last strenghts in the battle.
The rythmic is precise and the riffs have been carefully worked.
For wistled harmonics fans May Today Become the Day is a dreaming song and it's just made for them...It wistles in every way and I blame the guitarists who will try to play this track !
Ville's voice growls more than ever and we can feel a real power and strenght through it but also the desesperation of the end...
Of course there are some mid-tempo songs but the sound and the genuwine composition make of the album a perfect masterpiece. We would like to have dozens and dozens tracks like that !!!
Where Waters Fall Frozen is a short instrumental (1 minute long) and very particular.
Behind the big riffs hides a very known melody, you will surely recognize it...(but I don't want to waste the surprise...)
The CD ends up on a tearing End Of The Road which concludes the wonderful career of the band. You have to listen carefully to the lyrics....

Thanks guys for this final fireworks, good luck for the continuation...


Monday, April 11st, 2005

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Комментарий @ Jimmakos_Metal

30 Июнь 2009
Well, it has been 4 years from when this great album has been released, but for me, it has the value of a classic one, so anytime a review will be written, is a great time... From the first notes of the song May today become the day till the ending solo in End of the road, Sentenced give us all the characteristics in their music that made them well-known at a wide audience... Each song is like a story, with melodies that struggles your heart and with riffs that or will make you <<cry>> or will make you scream: what is going on with the guy on the guitar!?!?! All songs are one-by-one: Ever Frost*********, we are but falling leaves, her last 5 minutes, despair-ridden hearts and the rest of them makes this album a huge success of well-known melodies with some of the most depressive lyrics ever have been written... The mainman-singer of sentenced, Ville Laihiala is on great melodies with the lyrics, with his characteristic beautiful voice that makes you cry, tenkula's riffs and solos are some of the best he has ever player, Sami Lopakka, Vesa Ranta and Sami Kukkohovi knows their job very well, from accompany tenkula's riffs with a huge and really solid rhythm section. This is a really great album, I recommend to everyone, either he knows or not what Sentenced before that album were... And as the booklet says at the end of it: May they rest in peace...           A long, hard journey in it's end/It's starting to loom right now.../the final round...      R.I.P Tenkula... grab a drink wherever you are right now my friend...

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