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Band Name Lacrimosa
Album Name Satura
Type Album
Дата релиза 1993
Лейблы Hall Of Sermon
Музыкальный стильGothic Metal
Владельцы этого альбома76


 Das Schweigen
 Flamme Im Wind

 Alles Lüge (Mexican Edition)

Total playing time: 55:39

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Обзор @ Schakal83

01 Январь 2014

A masterpiece...

"Satura" it's a masterpiece album from one of the finest gothic band "LACRIMOSA". It has such a melancholy that guides you from the beginning till the end. At soon as the piano intro begin you will feel an intense emotion an a sadly sentiment which will carry you in a trip called "madness of the soul".

The album begin as I've mention above with a calm piano that soon its is accompanied with a sad violin which it's perfect integrated into the atmosphere created by the bell's in the background, the lyrics merge perfectly with the expression "the cry of soul" which keep the memory alive when the children voices suggest that we must remember that we all were innocent children once, and we must get back to that origin, keeping that memory alive.

The churches bell along with the drums create a melancholic atmosphere which reminding us of the most important emotion called "LOVE" that we shouldn't forgotten and yet we sadly forgot her every single day.

The rest of the album is perfectly created in a unique form that will make the listener wanted to go into the visions of the compositions that are perfect composed by the "master of feelings" Tillo Wolff.

The "Satura" album will take the listener into another dimension of life, the truth that lies in the sentiment of "LOVE".

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