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Band Name Carach Angren
Album Name Lammendam
Type Album
Дата релиза 18 Апрель 2008
Лейблы Maddening Media
Recorded at TidalWave Studios
Музыкальный стильSymphonic Black
Владельцы этого альбома189


Re-Issue in 2013 digitally with 3 bonustracks.
1. Het Spook van de Leiffartshof 01:28
2. A Strange Presence Near the Woods 04:14
3. Haunting Echoes from the Seventeenth Century 05:06
4. Phobic Shadows and Moonlit Meadows 02:07
5. Hexed Melting Flesh 06:55
6. The Carriage Wheel Murder 03:40
7. Corpse in a Nebulous Creek 05:24
8. Invisible Physic Entity 01:21
9. Heretic Poltergeist Phenomena 04:09
10. Malediction de la Madame Blanche 07:08
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2013)
11. There Was No Light 01:22
12. After Death Premises 04:15
13. Yonder Realm Photography 05:50
Total playing time 41:32

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Обзор @ OneMetalheadInBuiding

08 Октябрь 2011

I'm scared

Oh my God! I couldn't have thought that someday, I would head Symphonic Black Metal like this! This is how should it be!

My friend suggested me to listen to them. I was going to be awake all night long in the train, so I needed something to listen to. It was about 2:30 A.M. when I turned my player on. After 5 minutes I was ready to turn it off, because I was so scared, that I never could even imagine. I didn't turn it off. It was so beutiful, so addicting, and so brutal... That was why I didn't sleep that night.

The main thing in their music is that they use several rhythms, several melodies, several vocals in one song. For example: 'A Strange Presence Near The Woods', starts with drums, making brutality, guitars along with basses, making cut and beautiful riffs and keyboards, which is main thing in their music. It makes melodies of Dutch medieval folk, which makes me feel, that I am there and see everything what is happening, this is when I can travel through time. In this song, music changes many times, as the vocal does. It starts with rasps, growling at the end, then is part, when vocal goes whispering. And in the end, this song ends as it started, brutally and energetically.

The main thing in this album, as was said above, are the keyboards. They make atmophere of everything, which is told there.

I love their lyrics. The whole album is about one story of the ghost in the forest of Lammendam. And I love, when the last track, 'La Malédiction de la Dame Blanche' ends, that part, when piano playes one melody for a while, and after about 20 seconds, guitars accompany it.

Really powerful album, if you still haven't listened to it yet, think that you are losing 43 minutes of your life.

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