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Band Name Amorphis
Album Name Elegy
Type Album
Дата релиза 14 Май 1996
Лейблы Relapse Records
Музыкальный стильProgressive Death
Владельцы этого альбома281


Re-Issue in 2004 by Relapse Records with 4 bonustracks.
 Better Unborn
 Against Widows
 The Orphan
 On Rich and Poor
 My Kantele
 Song of the Troubled One
 Weeper on the Shore
 My Kantele (Acoustic Reprise)

 Better Unborn (Live)
 Against Widows (Live)
 The Castaway (Live)
 Black Winter Day (Live)

Total playing time: 01:15:08

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Обзор @ L4G4RT0

21 Ноябрь 2010
After the superb "Tales from the Thousand Lakes", Amorphis has produced some EP's and then it's time to offer us the next full album. It's called "Elegy" and the curiosity is: will they be as raw as before?

The answer to that question is a plain and simple "no". Amorphis has changed a lot but not that much (don't be afraid)! The sound is now more atmospheric, has some electronic stuff and vocals are not as grunting as before also because they have a new vocalist Pasi Koskinen... Starting with "Better Unborn" you listen to a much different voice than you got used to: no grunting, just singing and well, it's not bad at all but that song in particular lacks power. Then you feel a bit more home when "Against Widows" comes in: it sounds much more than "previous" Amorphis, with grunts mixed with clean vocals, and you feel a bit of a relief! "Orphan" is quiet, a kind of ballad with some clean and slightly distorted vocals and it's by then you know that Amorphis are really a new band now, with an alternative rock / progressive metal approach on their sound and they DO sound good like this too, since that's a great great song! Then "On rich and poor" mixes the old and the new so it's a perfect fusion to put us all a smile with those riffs that resemble bands of old school heavy metal, like Iron Maiden. Well, now if you don't like that maybe it's time to stop listening to the album but, please just move forward to "My Kantele", the album's masterpiece with all it's folkloric influences. What a beautiful song with black metal vocals going perfectly along with those clean folkloric voices. And now you will feel that you have to keep listening and that is good because "Cares" has a reasonable start but a great ending (and even a disco-beat in the middle!). From then on you will be listening to the album with a different mind and will love it because you tend to forget the "old" simply because the "new" is great too. "Song from the troubled one" has a great rhythm, "Weeper on the shore" has that beautiful sound that brings us folklore once again - great track, almost a dance! "Elegy" it's also a beautiful and calm song, truly a progressive metal song. The two remaining songs are an instrumental and a reprise of "My Kantele" which don't bring any special value to the album.

"Elegy" it's probably an album with will reminded as one of the band's best albums because not everyone will know "Tales from the Thousand Lakes" before this one and to be honest, the more you listen, the more you like it with all it's progressive metal influences and death metal grunts on occasional songs. It's a great work after all, with some excellent guitar play, great drumming and great vocal work! So don't feel bad because "Tales" is gone, take a deep breath and embrace the excellence of this album and thank Amorphis for being such a creative band!

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cochino - 22 Ноябрь 2010: Completely agree here, this is my definitive Amorphis album, it's just great, they showed us here that these guys are a band capable of reinventing themselves many times, taking us by surprise in a good way, this album has a lot of different rythms crammed in a single cd for good, it's just a great release; pick this one up if you haven't already!
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