Am Universum

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Band Name Amorphis
Album Name Am Universum
Type Album
Дата релиза 03 Апрель 2001
Лейблы Relapse Records
Музыкальный стильProgressive Death
Владельцы этого альбома207


 Goddess (of the Sad Man)
 The Night Is Over
 Shatters Within
 Crimson Wave
 Drifting Memories
 Forever More
 Veil of Sin
 Captured State
 Grieve Stricken Heart

 Too Much to See (Japan Release)

Total playing time: 53:20

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Обзор @ L4G4RT0

27 Ноябрь 2010
After "Tuonela", the expectations about Amorphis have changed a lot - old fans had to accept that those old times would never be back and either gave up on the band or had enough wide metal tastes and could embrace the band's new sound. "Am Universum" marks again a change in the band's sound: while "Tuonela" was more of a multi-cultural influenced album, "Am Universum" has a more atmospheric sound, a more "spacial" sound if I can classify it like that. Vocals are kept the same: Pasi Koskinen voice is more used to the band's sound so it feels even better, but never going to be rated as a great voice

The opening song "Alone" is a great way of starting the album, with a psychedelic sound, saxophone and a nice little solo in the end. It shows what the band wants from this moment: a step into a new sonority, but starting from where they left on "Tuonela". This sound keeps on going on "Goddess (of the sad man)", a song with a nice chorus and a good rhythm too, but the great moment comes after that and it's called "The night is over": what a song! It's not heavy, nothing to do with old sound, but what the hell, how catchy this is! Groovy keyboards, psychedelic sound, great vocal work makes this a tremendously addictive song. A must. The tracks "Shatters within" and "Crimsom Wave" are not high moments (although the second one has a very long saxophone solo which is a new thing to Amorphis albums). "Drifting memories" has an intense sound, with some great guitar parts and again, a sax that really comes perfectly in the rhythm of another good song. "Forever more" is a bit boring, but the calm "Veil of sun" is really well played and a good song, although a bit "easy" in my opinion... "Capture state" gets the album back to a colder temperature the remaining songs have highs and lows but never hit any of those (thank goodness!), except the last song "Too much to see", which is a great way to close the album with it's fine alternative-rock, good vocals and an addictive rhythm.

Am Universum is that album that you may like or dislike depending on the mood you're in. If you are in the "critic" mood, you will find that the album is kinda boring, the band is wasting talent and most of the time you won't find any joy (specially on the second half of the album) - on the other hand if you want to listen to something light and you don't feel like being in the middle of
a very well made guitar riff and good solos, you may find something to like the album because it has catchy songs, catchy moments and well, if you forget that it says Amorphis on the cover...

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