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Band Name Dark Fortress (GER-1)
Album Name Eidolon
Type Album
Дата релиза 22 Февраль 2008
Лейблы Century Media
Музыкальный стильMelodic Black
Владельцы этого альбома165


 The Silver Gate
 The Unflesh
 Edge of Night
 No Longer Human

Total playing time: 52:18

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Обзор @ samMETALHEAD

07 Август 2010
The concept of "Eidolon", as the band says, centers around what they describe as “the initiation, dehumanization and unearthly rebirth of a transcending soul by mirror magic and astral projection”. The concept album was totally Morean's idea, the new vocalist of the German black metallers Dark Fortress. Eidolon is their fifth album.

Azatoth, the formal vocalist, left the band in 2007. Morean was chosen for his song-writing & vocal abilities. Except the lyrical concept, Dark Fortress has pretty much the same to offer as other black metal bands. The keyboards take the backseat and successfully provide a depressive and slightly horrific atmosphere at times. The guitars are full of distortion but the solos seem to have been completely ignored in Eidolon. The drumming is good with tremendous use of blast beats.

The intro track "The Silver Gate" begins with the atmospheric keyboard and distorted guitar. The song is lengthy with very little variations. In short, it does not live up to the mark of "Ghostly Indoctrination", the intro track of the previous album, Seance. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the start.

"Baphomet" and the ending track "Antiversum" are the stand-outs of the album. The two songs rightfully display the music expertise of the band. The songs are atmospheric, with good variations and excellent guitar riffs, followed by some well-written lyrics. "The Unflesh" has a short solo which is quite melodic in nature. "Edge of Night" is the shortest track of the album, roughly touching the 4 minute mark. The official music video is on this track.

The recording is polished & top-notch. One can even hear the bass quite clearly in songs like "Baphomet". The distortions are recorded quite brilliantly. Same goes for the vocals and drums. Eidolon is a potential black metal album. Would there have been more tracks like "Baphomet" & "Antiversum", the album would have been a masterpiece. Nevertheless, its a good album, and well worth a listen.

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hack - 07 Август 2010: Good review, man! This was one of their better albums.
samMETALHEAD - 07 Август 2010: Yeah, Eidolon was good..but Ylem was better..in evrythng..lyrical theme,atmoshphere,solos..
and Seance was also much better than Stab WOunds..dunno abt Profane GC...
samMETALHEAD - 07 Август 2010: and thanks:-)
hack - 07 Август 2010: If you don't know about Profane Genocidal Creations, then you're missing out. It really rocks and it's also got some very creepy twists. I think that it's the best album that I've heard from this band. Check it out.
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Комментарий @ hack

22 Сентябрь 2009
This is the 5th full length album by this melodic black metal group from Germany. It was self produced at their own studio, called At The Crypt. Guitarist Santura is a professional audio engineer, who takes care of all of their productions. He handled the final mastering of this album. Santura plays guitar with Celtic Frost, when they are on tour. He rehearses with them in Zurich.

The album is heavy with slightly melodic songs. It rocks at medium speed. The vocals are grim and creepy, in its own unique way. The band has a very subtle, but effective, approach to black metal. They create a mysterious mood of the unknown (between life and death) that is eerie. They achieve this in a number of ways. Sometimes there are synthesizers playing hypnotically in the background. There are a few moments when acoustic guitars are used and a couple of times where a warped sounding guitar distortion is used (this sounds cool as hell). Similar bands are Endstille, Adramelech, and Necromantia. My favorite song on this album is No Longer Human.

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samMETALHEAD - 29 Июль 2010: Cmon that was a bad review man, no offence!
The band has a unique playing style and one can write lots about this album..baphomet and antiversum deserved atleast a 1-para description..the songs are so atmospheric!
hack - 30 Июль 2010: Cmon that wasn't a review, man, that was a comment. You've got so many ideas about this album, you could at least write one of your own, no offense.
samMETALHEAD - 30 Июль 2010: yeah I will soon.i got 2 reviews pending.As soon as they get accepted/rejected i will post a EIDOLON review.
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