Deep Blue

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Band Name Parkway Drive
Album Name Deep Blue
Type Album
Дата релиза 29 Июнь 2010
Музыкальный стильMetalcore
Владельцы этого альбома234


 Deliver Me
 Home Is for the Heartless (ft. Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion)
 Hollow (ft. Marshall Lichtenwaldt of The Warriors)
 Leviathan I
 Set to Destroy

Total playing time: 43:36

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Обзор @ miniradman

28 Октябрь 2010
Deep Blue is Parkway Drive’s third album and it is of the Metalcore genre. Deep Blue was released in June 2010 by Resist Records and Epitaph records. This album shows that Parkway drive still has it and they don’t show many signs of change their style unlike other bands such as Bring Me The Horizon.

Firstly Deep Blue is very similar to their last album (Horizons) it has many similarities such as the breakdowns, fast music and musical style. There are many great things about this album. I will break this album down to explain more clearly. The second track on this album (I skipped the intro) is called Unrest. This track is very brutal for a Metalcore band. I think that they may be drifting towards the Deathcore genre a little bit there. Unrest has blistering speed, heavy breakdowns, blast beats and Growls and Screams so it has most of the Characteristics of Deathcore. Unrest is probably the most extreme track on this album and measures up to songs by About A Plane Crash or All Shall Perish.

Also Unrest is short and sweet being only 2 minutes and 19 seconds long. The next song on the other hand is a little softer but is still a pretty good song. The highlight of the song is definitely the incredible drumming. All the beats are perfect, tight and technical. The heaviest song on this album though is Alone. It starts off light but then builds to a heavy Metalcore riffs. If people are looking for emotional songs, there isn’t really any in this album. The closest you would get is the song Hollow. This album I think is very similar to The Autumn Offering’s first album Revelations Of The Unsung. So if anyone likes that album they are bound to like this one.

This album is not perfect though. I personally think that this album is not as good as Horizons or Killing with a Smile. Musically their earlier albums are a lot better, also the vocal are better in the older albums. The only thing that is still good is the drumming, it is still top notch. Also there is not as much excitement as in their other albums and there is no real standout track. For example the standout track in Killing with a Smile was either Gimme a D or Smoke’m If Ya got’m. On Horizons the standout track in my opinion is easily the song Boneyards. Deep Blue has no such standout track but Unrest is a pretty good song.

Overall this album is pretty good for Metalcore, but is Parkway Drive’s worst album to date in my opinion. I think that there is not as much excitement and can get a little boring when you are used to listening to their older stuff. I still think that this is a very good album and I would recommend this to anyone who likes Metalcore. Bands such as; Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, August Burns Red and The Autumn Offering. Overall I give this album a 16/20.

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