Blood on Ice

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Band Name Bathory
Album Name Blood on Ice
Type Album
Дата релиза 27 Май 1996
Лейблы Black Mark Production
Recorded at Heavenshore Studio
Музыкальный стильViking Black
Владельцы этого альбома356


 Blood on Ice
 Man of Iron
 One Eyed Old Man
 The Sword
 The Stallion
 The Woodwoman
 The Lake
 Gods of Thunder, of Wind and of Rain
 The Ravens
 The Revenge of the Blood on Ice

Total playing time: 53:40

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Комментарий @ vikingman369

18 Октябрь 2010
Bathory's back! After two mediocre albums of black and thrash metal, Quorthon decided to return to a project he had started back in the 80s! That was the "Blood on Ice" story.

It's a concept album, which each song fitting into each other and making out a story similar to the epic sagas, written solely by Quorthon himself. In the pamphlet, Quorthon states that he approached the ambient sound effects as towards those of a film rather than an album. It works, though: one can hear the panic as villagers cry for their lives during the intro, feel the snow crunch beneath the hero's feet during the acoustic "Man of Iron", hear the pounding of Dwarven hammers as the "The Sword" is being forged, almost smell the acrid boiling of the magic of "The Woodwoman", or hear the pounding of the stallion's hooves upon the ice as the hero faces the two-headed beast for "The Revenge of the Blood on Ice".

What makes this album epic? Well, let's look at the second track: "Blood on Ice". There's that epic, pounding riff with the ominous chorus overlapping it, and then Quorthon's chorused voice chanting "Cry, old crow, cry!" In the album's conclusion, "Revenge of the Blood on Ice", the riff, chorus and singing pound out the culmination of the hero's journey of vengeance ending in his climactic duel with the beast.

Once again, another album to be gotten for any Bathory/viking-metal fan!

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