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Band Name Sonata Arctica
Album Name Unia
Type Album
Data de lançamento 05 Maio 2007
Estilo de MúsicaMelodic Power
Membros têm este álbum352


1. In Black and White 05:03
2. Paid in Full 04:24
3. For the Sake of Revenge 03:23
4. It Won't Fade 05:58
5. Under Your Tree 05:14
6. Caleb 06:16
7. The Vice 04:08
8. My Dream's But a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare 06:13
9. The Harvest 04:18
10. The Worlds Forgotten, the Words Forbidden 02:57
11. Fly with the Black Swan 05:08
12. Good Enough Is Good Enough 04:39
1. In Black and White
2. Paid in Full
3. For the Sake of Revenge
4. It Won't Fade
5. Under Your Tree
6. Caleb
7. The Vice
8. My Dream's But a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare
9. The Harvest
10. To Create a Warlike Feel
11. Fly with the Black Swan
12. Good Enough Is Good Enough
Bonustracks (Japanese Release)
13. They Follow 04:51
14. Out in the Fields (Gary Moore Cover) 04:06
15. My Dream's But a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare (Instrumental Version) 07:11
Total playing time 57:41

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Crítica @ Vinrock666

10 Julho 2008
Tony Kakko's dark poetry comes alive again in all its majesty in Sonata Arctica's 2007 release, "Unia".

A master at painting powerful images, Kakko has the luxury of having very competant and understanding musicians to harmonize his thoughts with their instrumental voices.

Henrik Klingenberg (the keyboardist) paints a very vibrant picture with his enormous array of sounds to every sonic poem Kakko pens. The structure of "Unia" is also well defined with the rhythm parts sticking to the driving force of every song. Guitars, bass and drums rarely stray from each other thus, producing a unifying front when they deliver their respective parts in all its aggressiveness.

Yet, it's when each member is highlighted during a song that we see them at their best.
"My Dream's But A Drop Of Fuel For A Nightmare", the best song on the album, features everybody by themselves at one point and includes an awesome duet of keys and guitar near the end. The chorus is probably the highlight of the song, due to the sheer blasting of a multitude of sounds - resulting in a feeling of euphoria.
Of course, Tony Kakko's crooning and wailing puts everything in perspective with a range of every possible emotion from Love to hate.
"Good Enough is Good Enough" features a wonderful string ensemble to augment Kakko's lyrical angst.
Even "Under Your Tree" runs heavy with his sense of loss, even though I contend that he's singing about a dead pet rather than a child.
"Unia" ultimately features everything you want in a Sonata Arctica record : the keyboards are played like a second guitar, Tommy Portimo drives home every song with his two favorite styles - hard and fast, and Jani Liimatainen is the "flag bearer for metal" from this band for giving powerful, crisp and machine-like precision riffs every time it's called for.

Sonata Arctica thus succeeds best from its yin-yang like revolutions throughout the whole of "Unia", from soft to hard, slow to fast and dark to light. It's brilliant.

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