There Will Be Violence

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Band Name Impending Doom (USA)
Album Name There Will Be Violence
Type Album
Data de lançamento 20 Julho 2010
Recorded at Lambesis Studios
Estilo de MúsicaDeathcore
Membros têm este álbum82


 Hell Breaks Loose
 There Will Be Violence
 Orphans (ft. Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying)
 Peace Illusion
 The Great Fear (ft. Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain)
 Walking Through Fire
 Love Has Risen
 The Son Is Mine
 Children of Wrath
 Sweating Blood

Total playing time: 34:09

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Crítica @ Crinn

16 Abril 2012

A HUGE improvement! Impending Doom's strongest release yet!

This is the first album that Impending Doom released that was ACTUALLY GOOD! Their debut is completely mediocre, their sophomore release is a disappointment, and now…There Will Be Violence (I fucking love that album name!). I think I’m now to the point where I really don’t enjoy having a minute-long breakdown as the opening track for an album. The reason why I’m saying that is because Impending Doom does that on all of their albums. Here’s the most unique thing about this album: it has THREE guitarists on it! Now, why the hell would you need THREE guitarists on an album that’s not that technical? The answer: it gives the sound more power. And I’ll tell you this, they did just that.

The first actual song album is what completely blew me off my feet. A lot of pure deathcore out there (especially these guys) isn’t really that powerful and crushing. But once the buildup at the beginning of There Will Be Violence had reached its peak, what came next was like something huge had shaken the earth. What the hell happened to these guys?? The first positive thing that I noticed was how fast the drummer was hitting the snare during that initial buildup at the beginning of the song, but I still wasn’t anywhere near prepared for the violence that this song threw at my face. After the album finished, the first thing that I asked myself was “where did THAT come from?” Where did all of that brutality and fury come from? And why did they do such a better job on this than on The Serpent Servant? WHY AM I ASKING ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS!?

Although I’ll never know for sure, here’s what I’ve noticed: after The Serpent Servant, the band got a new drummer and the addition of two new guitarists. My guess is that the new members were a lot more committed and interested in making GOOD music. So with new members, that probably meant that the band got along much better and created a more committed atmosphere. Not only that, but the new drummer is better than any that they’ve ever had.

Impending Doom’s debut so far still remains the heaviest album they’ve ever written, but this one has come pretty close considering the driving brutality minimal use of weak breakdowns. The song structures are much less predictable and also much more creative, but still stay completely true to the PURE deathcore sound. The most unique quality that this album carries is how smooth the music transitions in and out of breakdowns. Don’t think that a rough transition in and out of breakdowns is a bad thing, because sometimes it’s actually what the music requires. But in this case, the smoothness of the transitions is like almost nothing I’ve ever heard before (I’ve heard transitions this smooth before, but it’s VERY rare and very hard to pull off). The general sound of the songs vary from being a slow chugging style to being a constant driving wave of brutality to almost having a complex Meshuggah-ish sound (Peace Illusion).

Something obviously clicked in the band that caused them to get serious about actually making music and being connected to it. This album is the best release that Impending Doom has come out with so far and I will never forget the wave of brutality the second track brought upon me. I would give this album 16/20 for winning my support and appreciation to this band. Still, I wouldn’t suggest to anyone who isn’t very appreciative of the generic and traditional forms of deathcore, but if you want to hear something by Impending Doom, There Will Be Violence is what you want to hear first.

Yes, I know the music video is lame, but the song is the one I was talking about before, so LISTEN to it instead of WATCH it.

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Crítica @ CLucker666

13 Novembro 2012

One of the best Deathcore bands out there

Impending Doom is one of my favorite deathcore bands along with the likes of Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, and Thy Art Is Murder. I have always liked Impending Doom and really appreciated their work but my appreciation for the band changed so much last night. I saw Impending Doom on the Unshakable Tour along with For Today, Sleeping Giant, Texas In July, and Hundredth. All these bands were really good but when ID played, you could just see a new level of brutality arise. But, another thing I loved was how their front man, Brook Reeves, was incredible. He was one of the nicest guys I have met in the metal scene. Not to mention his vocals are unbelievable. Their is so much power and force in his voice. Well I think I should talk about the album now, so here you go.

Obviously anybody who has heard this record will notice the same thing. The title track is heavy as fuck! It starts off with a really fast drum fill and goes into a blast beat with Reeves doing a guttural growl that is really epic. It most definitely is my favorite track on the album. I think that is kind of re-occurring with Impending Doom because the same thing happened with their latest album, Baptized in Filth because Murder(track 1) was by far my favorite song. This album also features some awesome vocalists like Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying and Vincent Bennett from The Acacia Strain. They fit in really well the albums sound even though I still think that Reeves is a better vocalist but every now and then it is nice to hear a change.

Most the songs are really chuggy and contain several monstrous blast beats. There is also definitely no absence of heavy breakdowns. I would pretty much consider this a pure deathcore album but for sure one of the better ones. I would consider this album better than The Serpent Servant even though I really enjoyed The Serpent Servant. Something it improved on was the guitars for sure, the riffs are a lot less generic and have a whole lot more variety. They have a pretty crunchy feel to them that sounds extremely heavy. All in all, the guitars did improve in every way. Just the overall sound including the riffs, the tone, and the variety, not to mention the addition of a guitarist really added to the power of the records sound as a whole. The new drummer definitely improved this band. He is a lot faster and more creative. The perfect addition to really give this band what they needed to make an excellent album.

Something you really could not notice was the albums cover art. I can not really tell exactly what it is but the colors are just plain amazing. There is nothing really to say other than it is beautiful.

Well that is all I have to say on Impending Doom's 2010 album, There Will Be Violence. I recommend this album to any deathcore, metalcore, death metal fans out there. Even if you don't like this genre of music than you can hopefully still appreciate the talent this band has. I gave this album a 17/20 for being such an awesome record.

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