The Hinderers

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Band Name Daath (USA)
Album Name The Hinderers
Type Album
Data de lançamento 13 Março 2007
Produced by Eyal Levi
Estilo de MúsicaIndustrial Death
Membros têm este álbum142


1. Subterfuge 03:39
2. From the Blind 03:47
3. Cosmic Forge 04:27
4. Sightless 03:17
5. Under a Somber Sign 03:36
6. Ovum 03:24
7. Festival Mass Soulform 03:18
8. Above Lucium 04:08
9. Who Will Take the Blame 04:12
10. War Born (Tri-Adverserenade) 02:01
11. Dead on the Dancefloor 03:55
12. Blessed Through Misery 04:11
13. The Hinderers 04:23
Total playing time 48:18

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Crítica @ Julien

11 Junho 2007
Daath, Daath, Daath, that would not remaind has Death by hazard? We could find the name of James Murphy in the notebook, pure coincidence or pure coincidence. As least has defect to be abble to complete his elder , the band proposes us a small death disk in it's sauce not pricked by cockchafers.
Be seeing the name of James Murphy standing out, it was obliged to make a parallelism with "feu", his ancient band.
But this time, it's as producer that the guys returns to us. OK, he gives us a small solo also, but his participation stops here.

Thus, let us return to Daath, The Hinderers is the second effort of the band and I admit the discovery is rather nice. Not that the world of the death is going to meet it to upset but what the group has to propose us is rather not bad. It's above a mix between good melodic death like the swedish of the 90s tinged with one color a little electro.If the boulversemnt doesn't operate it's becaue it happens that certain parts are really too much typified Scandinavian, what can hamper. But when the band take a road which is appropriate for him, there, we feast.
We thus meet ourselves with very heterogenous tracks in their attitude. To give some examples, a title as " Subterfuge" feels clearly more like death genre than "Cosmic Forge", more melodic tracks. Last ewample, "Abive Lucium", its, this time, more electro. Finally, there's subject to take some pleasure, especially if this genre is not your cup of tea. If it had to have a qualifer for this disk, it should be "approachable".
There is not a lot of bands which proposed to us this king of melodic death, easy of access and Daath, with "Hinderers", just proposed to us a new opus. The singing is very typified American but altogether homogenous, it passes well. Later, it will be a question of personal taste. For my part, I like but we can blame him for his ressemblance with a lot of singings of US frontmen.
The sound, James Murphy obliges, is hight-quality, but it's a surprisee for nobody. It's clean, powerfull, a little common but effecctive.

With a lot of diverse elements, the group makes us a beautiful "mayonnaise". Approachable and pleasent, thid disk is advised the novices who wants to run to the death adventure. For the accustomed, this disk can be perfect to go on holiday with friends or, simply to relax...

Translated by Trashykiss

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