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Band Name Ozzy Osbourne
Album Name Scream
Type Album
Data de lançamento 15 Junho 2010
Labels Epic Records
Estilo de MúsicaHeavy Metal
Membros têm este álbum346


 Let It Die
 Let Me Hear You Scream
 Soul Sucker
 Life Won't Wait
 Diggin’ Me Down
 I Want It More
 Latimer’s Mercy
 I Love You All

Total playing time: 48:53

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Crítica @ vikingman369

05 Março 2011

After all these years, Ozzy Osbourne can still rock!

Well, there have been mixed emotions over the years between the 2007 release (Black Rain) and this album of 2010, many of which come from people who have suddenly become Zakk Wylde supporters now that he is not with Ozzy anymore, who used to call him a "tool." Now Gus G. of Firewind, despite his skill, is the "tool" just because he's with Ozzy Osbourne now.

Well, let's put our anti-Ozzy prejudices aside and see what this album has to offer.

First off, "Let It Die" is heavy as fuck, without being in drop-C. Yes, there is a certain "urban" feel to it, but that is no reason to downplay the sweet-ass riffs and not one, but I counted THREE guitar solos by Gus G.! Now, as a musician myself, I know the rigors of coming up with a good-sounding guitar solo, and fast at that, and I respect any musician who can have more than one in a song.

The big hit of this album is not a "ballad", but Ozzy's anthem...

No, its not "Let's Go Fucking Crazy"

It's "Let Me Hear You Scream". From the very get-go, its an unrelenting rush of speed and heavy riffage, interspersed with Gus G.'s mini-solos and Ozzy's defiant lyrics.

Okay, here's the run-down of the album. Gus G. is trying harder than ever to play Zakk Wylde riffs and yet be himself when he plays the guitar solos. He just needs to be himself, but for how much longer he can be himself with Ozzy Osbourne...I can't say. The last track, "I Love You All" seems to me to be a farewell...but I don't want it to be! He said that, after Black Rain, it would be two more albums before the Prince of Darkness called it quits...and "Scream" just makes one!

If you're looking for "ballads" on this album, well, I should say that "Life Won't Wait" and "Time" are a bit too heavy to be considered ballads. Another good tune on this album is "Fearless" - just listening to it makes me think of Vikings, Spartans, Celts or some fierce warriors wading through a sea of enemies in a fit of blood-rage. The rest of the album, however, just feels a lot like "Ozzmosis", "No Rest for the Wicked" and such...nothing really special.

After all these years, Ozzy Osbourne can still rock!

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adrien86fr - 05 Março 2011: Very very light review.
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