No Rest for the Wicked

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Band Name Ozzy Osbourne
Album Name No Rest for the Wicked
Type Album
Released date 01 November 1988
Music StyleHeavy Metal
Members owning this album465


Re-Issue in 2002 with Bonustracks
 Miracle Man
 Devil's Daughter
 Crazy Babies
 Breaking All the Rules
 Bloodbath in Paradise
 Fire in the Sky
 Tattooed Dancer
 Demon Alcohol

 The Liar
 Miracle Man (Live)

Total playing time: 51:28

Review @ vikingman369

10 May 2011

Only the most die-hard Ozzy fan would like this album

"Everything after Diary of a Madman sucks", "Ozzy's new material blows", "Ozzy sold out", "Black Sabbath sucked until Ozzy was kicked out of it"...I've heard it all. As a die-hard Ozzy fan, I try to like all of his material, even the older, heavier and more explicit material.

But No Rest for the Wicked? It has got to be the worst Ozzy album ever, bar none. Say what you will about "Down to Earth", "No More Tears", "Black Rain" and "Scream", but I found myself taking this CD out of the player out of sheer boredom, not having listened to half the album: something I can honestly say I have never done with the newer albums. That bad, really.

However, I actually did end up listening to the whole album all the way through. And my opinion on it hasn't changed. The only time I was ever this bored over something with Ozzy in it was Black Sabbath's Volume 4 album. It drags on for nine boring tracks, all of which sound exactly the same. There are no ballads to alleviate the nauseating middle-of-the-round pace of the album: it's neither shreddingly fast or too slow, just very sluggish. It's almost impossible for me to realize that the guitarist playing is actually Mr. Pinch Harmonics Zakk Wylde himself: his playing is just so...basic, so plain, like all the hair bands of the 80s. Seriously, after hearing this drag of an album, I want to hear him pulling off his pinch-harmonics and abusing the pentatonic scale, as you elitist fucks have accused him of doing on the better Ozzy Osbourne albums he's been on.

What, therefore, is left out of this mess? Well, after four tracks that sound too similar to be interesting, there's actually a bit of half-way decent riffage on "Breakin' All The Rules". But other than lyrical depth, there's not much else going for this track, except for a little bit of familiar Zakk Wylde shredding (perhaps the little that does sound 100% genuine Wylde).

The next track, despite abusing the riff that pretty much every other metal band has used before, is actually half-way decent as well. "Bloodbath in Paradise" is pretty much only good because its about the infamous orchestrator of murders of the California area, Charles Manson. Skillfully, another honorable mention should be made to Rick Castillo on "Tatooed Dancer", but that's all I can give on that track, because its my least favorite on this album.

I know I've stepped on many toes with this negative review on an Ozzy album, but I honestly cannot be reconciled with this album. Believe me, I've tried. Technical Ecstasy would have to be the worst album in the history of music to be worse than this. I know that I support Ozzy 100%, but only the most die-hard Ozzy fan would like this album, honestly. It just might be proof that, contrary to popular opinion of the metal mainstream elitists, drugs and alcohol make music worse.


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Reaper4517 - 10 May 2011: I am a die-hard Ozzy fan.
choahardoc - 10 May 2011: I'm not a die-hard fan of the Madman but I think No Rester is a killer piece of his rich discography. Zakk Wylde created a new style on this record and Randy Castillo played faster than ever on Tatooed Dancer. One of my Ozzy's favourite!
Taylor_McBride - 10 May 2011: well you are entitled to your thoughts on it,but i think it might be good b/c ozzy is never short on ideas
dragonJ - 14 May 2011: No rest is a great cd. Fire in the Sky proved to me Ozzy had found yet another great guitar player.
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