Heading for Tomorrow

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Band Name Gamma Ray
Album Name Heading for Tomorrow
Type Album
Data de lançamento 26 Fevereiro 1990
Produced by
Recorded at Horus Sound Studio
Estilo de MúsicaMelodic Power
Membros têm este álbum372


Re-Issue in 2002 by Noise International with 3 bonustracks.
Re-Issue in 2010 by Cooking Vinyl with Sigh No More album in Double CD with bonustracks.
Re-Issue in 2015 by Ear Music in Double CD with a new cover.
1. Welcome 00:57
2. Lust for Life 05:19
3. Heaven Can Wait 04:28
4. Space Eater 04:33
5. Money 03:38
6. The Silence 06:23
7. Hold Your Ground 04:49
8. Free Time 04:55
9. Heading for Tomorrow 14:30
10. Look at Yourself 04:44
Bonustrack (Japanese Version)
11. Mr. Outlaw 04:09
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2002)
11. Mr. Outlaw 04:09
12. Lonesome Stranger 04:58
13. Sail On 04:24
DISC 2 (2015 RE-ISSUE)
1. Who Do You Thing Are ?
2. Heaven Can Wait (EP Version)
3. Money (Demo)
4. Sail On (Demo)
5. Heading for Tomorrow (Live)
6. Space Eater (Live)
7. The Silence (Demo
8. Mr. Outlaw
9. Heaven Can Wait (Demo)
10. Heading for Tomorrow (Karaoke Version)
11. Space Eater (Karaoke Version)
12. Lonesome Stranger (Demo)
Total playing time 54:16

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Crítica @ Dr.Feelgood

27 Julho 2011

For Second Time From Zero To The Top

One day there was a man who with some other musicians started the recordings of their first album and the birth of a whole style in metal. Kai Hansen with Helloween created three albums diamonds and he is the responsible musician for power metal. Walls Of Jericho was born from zero and the two Keepers led Helloween to the top, but some time Kai felt that he was not satisfied and so he left them. Leaving no time passing by he decided to creat another band called Gamma Ray and again from zero he recorded with them their first full - length Heading for Tomorrow with Ralf Scheepers on vocals.

When you creat another band whose style is power metal while you have already done this with your first band, what different thing can you offer? Although this album has both similarities and differences from the first three Helloween albums, actually Kai in here was more free, he had all the time to express his ideas without being under pressure from the demands of the band's label. "Welcome" is the intro known from the similar intros in Keepers that welcomes us pleasantly in this new project and suddenly the riff of "Lust for Life" makes our ears be wide open. Speed, power, melody, three ingredients necessary for a successful formula and of course the high vocals of a man who was one step before being the next singer of Judas Priest after the leaving of Rob Halford.

The general atmosphere of the album is more happy than anyone could expect and this is the difference from the Keepers, no clues of darkness, no clues of magic, just power and happy melody through "Space Eater", "Money" and "Freetime" a song with an unforgettable and addictive riff and a chorus too. If you wake up with a smile on your face then this song is the right one to begin your day. The ballad "The silence" is a proof that Gamma Ray really love the music of Queen and they have always searched for a chance to embed it in their songs. Here Ralf sounds so gentle than any other moment in the album or in the rest Rays albums.

Kai in the debut of Helloween wrote a song with a big last, he did the same in Keepers and so he could not leave this album without a long song. "Heading for Tomorrow" follows the funcionality of "Halloween" and "Keeper of the seven keys", but it is more based on "Victim of changes" from Judas Priest, all its alternations and the serenity before the guitar eruption at the end of it make it simply special.

Many fans regard Land of the Free as the best Gamma Ray album and I do not disagree with them, but if it was not Heading for Tomorrow may Land of the Free would not sound so perfect. I also have a secret belief that when Kai is just playing all the guitar parts and someone else is on vocals then the album sounds more fresh and powerful, ok Land of the Free is just the exception on this.

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swit35 - 28 Julho 2011: Pretty nice review ! I totally agree with the "genius" status for Kai Hansen... He is the person who made Heavy metal change at that time. I regret you did not mention Helloween debut Ep with "victim of Fate" !
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