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Band Name Machine Men
Album Name Elegies
Type Album
Data de lançamento 22 Agosto 2005
Estilo de MúsicaHeavy Metal
Membros têm este álbum31


 Dream & Religion
 Back from the Days
 The Traitor
 Daytime Theatre
 Doors of Resurrection
 From Sunrise to Sunset

Total playing time: 45:29

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Crítica @ MetalAngel

26 Setembro 2005
"Ooooh, a new Bruce Dickinson's album!!!" That's the reaction that the fans of the english singer can have when they put on their cd player this melodic heavy metal masterpiece. Actually, the vocal parts can remain us the ones of the Iron Maiden's singer, apart from the fact that this band is from the Santa Claus' country, the wonderful Finland! Yes, this "new" band, which exists for 5 years now, is one of the new hopes of the heavy metal scene, developped by Iron Maiden, Saxon & Black Sabbath. What can man remember from 'Elegies'? That's simple : it's an album which plays on melodies, which gives a very pleasant effect when man is listening to it. Moreover, the songs are really original ("Dreams & Religion", "October", "From Sunrise To Sunset"), despite of some parts already heard on the Air Raid Siren solo's work ("Falling", "Apathy", "The Traitor" et "Freak", the last song being a Bruce Dickinson's cover). All the songs are as well interpreted as man never gets bored. The main attraction of this band, beyond the tracks, is Antony, their vocalist, whose voice is a mix between Dickinson's, Tobias Sammet's and Geoff Tate's voices, which confers him a real identity. About guitars solos, nothing to say, as virtuosity and precision are in appointment. A wink to the other musicians, who are comfortable with the practice of their instruments.
At the end, what 'Elegies' brings to the listener? A huge pleasure and a excellent moment of listening. As Iron Maiden, this band has energy to impart on stage, which they proved us on september 13th at the Havana Café in Toulouse (France), as a support for their power metal fellows of Sonata Arctica. If you don't know what album to buy in september (or in october) and that all the releases aren't enough good for you, so don't hesitate to get 'Elegies', the 'Powerslave' of the finnish guys of Machine Men, which breathes frankness and freshness, an excellent surprise to taste with your friends drinking a beer...To consume WITHOUT MODERATION!!!

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