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Band Name Motörhead
Album Name Bomber
Type Album
Data de lançamento 27 Outubro 1979
Estilo de MúsicaHard Rock
Membros têm este álbum698


Re-Issue in 1991 by Roadracer with 1 bonustrack
Re-Issue in 1996 by CMC with 5 bonustracks
Re-Issue in 2001 by Sanctuary with 5 bonustracks
Re-Issue in 2005 by Sanctuary with 10 bonustracks
1. Dead Men Tell No Tales 03:06
2. Lawman 03:57
3. Sweet Revenge 04:15
4. Sharpshooter 03:18
5. Poison 02:56
6. Stone Dead Forever 04:57
7. All the Aces 03:26
8. Step Down 03:43
9. Talking Head 03:43
10. Bomber 03:50
Bonustrack (Re-Issue 1991)
11. Over the Top 03:21
Bonustracks (Re-Issues 1996 & 2001)
11. Over the Top 03:21
12. Leaving Here 03:03
13. Stone Dead Forever 05:31
14. Dead Men Tell No Tales 02:44
15. Too Late Too Late 03:21
DISC 2 (Re-Issue 2005)
1. Over the Top 03:21
2. Stone Dead Forever (Alternative Version) 04:35
3. Sharpshooter (Alternative Version) 03:17
4. Bomber (Alternative Version) 03:36
5. Step Down (Alternative Version) 03:29
6. Leaving Here 03:03
7. Stone Dead Forever 05:31
8. Dead Men Tell No Tales 02:44
9. Too Late Too Late 03:21
10. Step Down (Live Version) 03:49
Total playing time 37:06

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Crítica @ highspeedsamurai

28 Julho 2008
Motörhead built upon the success of "Overkill" by adopting a sensible "if it ain't broke don't fix it" philosophy on this follow up album, with the songs again built around simple but very effective riffs and characterised by Lemmy's thundering bass and Fast Eddie Clarke's strident guitar sound.

On the brilliant "Stone Dead Forever", there's even a clever intro which rivals the majesty of the intro to "Overkill".
While most of the songs belt along at a furious pace, there are a couple of interesting slower tunes on there as well.

First there's the doomladen glory of "Sweet Revenge", a song which features an unusual rhythmic sound which puts you in mind of a saw, slicing through some poor victim's limbs,perfectly reflecting the sentiments of Lemmy's lyrics.
Then there's "Step Down", a splendidly languid, sleazy blues workout, distinguished by the unusual move of Eddie Clarke supplying the vocals.
However the highlight of this great album has to be the closing track, "Bomber", a high speed rock classic which is one of the best songs Motörhead have ever done.

This is a stunning album which is almost as good as its predecessor.

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