Revelations of the Black Flame

lista zespołów Black Metal 1349 Revelations of the Black Flame
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Nazwa zespołu 1349
Tytuł płyty Revelations of the Black Flame
Type Album
Data wpisu 25 Maj 2009
Gatunek muzycznyAmbiant Black
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album189


 Serpentine Sibilance
 Maggot Fetus...Teeth Like Thorns
 Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (Pink Floyd Cover)
 At the Gate...

Total playing time: 44:53

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Komentarz @ Demogorefest

08 Grudzień 2009
As far as newer black metal bands are concerned, 1349 was considered one of Norway's rising stars among this new scene. Notice how I said "was" and not "is", this is because their new album is atrocious, especially when compared to their older works such as Beyond the Apocalypse, Liberation, and Hellfire which were some of the first albums that really got me into Norwegian Black metal.
Revelations of the Black Flame is 1349's version of Volcano by Satyricon... remember that horrible attempt at a sell-out? This album has all that and more... incredibly long songs that never really pick up speed, along with vocals that are almost laughable in parts, and a production value that sounds Mainstream-ish.
If you're looking for proof of their change in sound on this new album, you only need to listen to any song from any of their previous albums and compare it to a song off this new release. Tracks like "Maggot Fetus - Teeth Like Thorns" and "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" both make no sense whatsoever, and are just plain boring.
There's no two ways about this album, it's just plain bad. True Norwegian Black Metal fans will, without a doubt, be disappointed by Revelations of the Black Flame.

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hack - 20 Grudzień 2009: I've got their album, Hellfire, and I didn't think that it was anything special. So I hadn't planned to buy another album from them. I'm glad that you reviewed this album, now I know for sure that this is a waste of money.
Demogorefest - 20 Grudzień 2009: Hellfire wasn't a GREAT album, but when compared to this Monstrosity, it's a good album. Liberation is probably my favorite album from them
admir - 12 Styczeń 2010: You're wright on the money. Their previous work was so good. But this latest peace of garbage they released was nothing short of the worst black metal album I have ever bought. Only half of it is actual music and only half of that is any good.
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