Reign Supreme

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Band Name Dying Fetus
Album Name Reign Supreme
Type Album
Data wpisu 19 Czerwiec 2012
Wydawcy Relapse Records
Wyprodukowany przez Steve Wright
Styl muzycznyDeath Grind
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album248


1. Invert the Idols 02:05
2. Subjected to a Beating 04:53
3. Second Skin 04:42
4. From Womb to Waste 04:56
5. Dissidence 03:27
6. In the Trenches 03:44
7. Devout Atrocity 04:28
8. Revisionist Past 03:57
9. The Blood of Power 05:23
Bonustrack (Deluxe Edition)
10. Dead Whores Love to Fuck 00:50
Total playing time 37:35

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Artykuł @ CLucker666

07 Lipiec 2012

The heaviest Dying Fetus album of all time

Dying Fetus has done it this time with most brutal death metal record of the year. It surpasses everything I have heard in a long time including Global Flatline, well maybe not Global Flatline but you get the point. I was just amazed by every single song on this album and still am.

Of course it wouldn't be as brutal without John's fucking insane vocals. He just has the most intense guttural low I have ever heard followed by a ferocious high that just rips everything apart. I can honestly say he will put most any vocalist to shame with a few exceptions. Just everything this guys does is so brutal. Brutal, brutal, brutal.. that is all I can think of when I hear him. It fits absolutely perfect with the slamming death metals riffs and the blast beat/double bass drumming.

The first song Invert the Idols just throws brutal technical riffs right at you without stopping the entire song. It definitely has the most catchy chorus of the entire album. It is followed with the single Subjected to a Beating that starts off with a slower but extremely heavy riff that slams. This album just never lets up at all. Then again, when does Dying Fetus ever give you a break? Any song you chose to listen to first will give you the right impression, there is not a single track on here that could prevent you from listening to the rest.

I am sure most of you guys noticed the intro to track 4, From Womb To Waste. A girl says "It's not my fault that I'm addicted to drugs and pregnant. Who cares? Fuck the baby, let it die." I'm sure this offended some but come on, it is Dying Fetus. What do you expect?

This album has got to be the most brutal thing of 2012 and it never lets up at all. The entire thing is just amazing. If you have not heard it then you are missing out and you need to hear it immediately. Go buy it now if you have not already. This album includes anything from raging blast beats, slam death riffs and even some crunchy breakdowns that they pull off amazingly, I give Reign Supreme a 20/20. It is everything I could ever want in a death metal record.

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Crinn - 07 Lipiec 2012: O.o -_- weirdo....
CLucker666 - 07 Lipiec 2012: lolololol xD
CLucker666 - 22 Lipiec 2012: yeah thats kind of what I meant, as in a slow chugging deeper heavy not just blast blast blast blast
torsofuckmyheadoff - 30 Lipiec 2012: i have to agree this album is absolutely phenomenal
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Artykuł @ Crinn

08 Lipiec 2012

It's Dying Fetus..would you honestly expect anything less than perfect?

2012 seems to be the year of heavy metal! I’m serious, I’m not aware of a year that has had as many amazing metal albums as this year (so far). Just to throw some out there, we’ve had awesome releases from Veil of Maya, Nile, Periphery, Spawn of Possession, Soulfly, Miss May I, Whitechapel, Mnemic, DragonForce (yes, it’s their best album), Kreator, The Agonist, Job for a Cowboy, Attack Attack!, Overkill, Epica, Before the Dawn, Six Feet Under, Cattle Decapitation, Marduk, Naglfar, Cannibal Corpse, and COUNTLESS others! What the fuck have record labels been putting in their bands’ food?? Well, whatever it is, it’s caused record sales AND music quality to literally skyrocket. Along with that, we have the best lineup of bands that the Summer Slaughter Tour has EVER had (besides 2008). Get ready to add yet another album on to the list of this year’s gems, because one of my favorite bands, Dying Fetus, has just released a piece of brutality to bombard the world.

The new Dying Fetus record has elements to satisfy everyone. For the people who just want another good ol’ Fetus record, Dying Fetus delivers exactly that. For those who like to challenge the bands that they listen to and want to hear something new that sounds different from the rest of their discography, Dying Fetus delivers something with an entirely new sound. That’s what the main focus of this review is going to be on, how Dying Fetus has changed. For someone that’s EXTREMELY familiar with their ENTIRE discography like me, it’s plain and obvious that the trio used Descend into Depravity as a blueprint for the writing process of Reign Supreme.

Descend into Depravity had two big traits that made up its sound: groove/catchiness and technicality. Of course, Dying Fetus has always had groove (especially in War of Attrition and Destroy the Opposition). But to me, the catchiness is much easier to hear in Descend into Depravity because its sound is much less complex. So if it’s a Dying Fetus record, it’s going to have tons of groove and catchy breakdowns (and people say breakdowns are for pussy deathcore/metalcore bands, HA! You make me SICK!). The thing that Reign Supreme has that was obviously influenced by Descend into Depravity is the really high-pitched technicality. But then again, all Dying Fetus albums seem to be pretty damn technical, with the exception of their debut.

The INSTANT the first track started, I had a huge hunch that this is probably going to be Dying Fetus’ most technical album yet…and I was right; holy fucking shit. But the technicality isn’t all really high-pitched guitar solos that seem to be random notes. First of all, it’s not constant, which shows that Jon has some kidneys in that skull that know when and when not to use hyper-technicality. But one thing is for sure, the drums seem to be nonstop. I’ve seen these guys live four times, and I’ve always been blown away by the drummer’s (seemingly) nonstop brutality and technical style of playing. If you love the technical drumming that Stop at Nothing brought to the table, Reign Supreme is what you need. Ok, I think I’ve gone on about the sheer technicality long enough. What’s next?

I don’t think that I need to mention anything about the amount of brutality that Dying Fetus never fails to bring at full-force. Because everything from the drums to the vocals to the bass to the fucking BAND NAME has the word BRUTAL engraved all over it. I know that people love to go on about the amount of fucking technical brutality that these guys have the ability to play, but seriously, it’s kind of a no-brainer when it comes to Dying Fetus. And besides, the brutality that they play is far beyond any kind of description that I can put into words, so there’s not even any point in me trying.

Jon (the bald dude that plays the 7-stringer) is known for being the guy that does DEEP inhaled growls with the occasional guttural exhale here and there. In Reign Supreme, there seems to be A LOT more exhales. But the exhales aren’t anything like I’ve ever heard before from this band, they seem to vary in pitch more than previous records. The exhaled growls aren’t quite as deep (in other words they sound more human) as I’m used to them being (listen to the War of Attrition album to get an idea of what I’m talking about). Here’s another thing that has changed: the breakdowns have slightly less groove and are 100000 times more brutal. They’re not the SLOW kind of brutal, they’re the kind of brutal that reminds me of a HUGE chunk of lead suddenly landing on someone out of nowhere (listen to the breakdown in Second Skin and the whole length of From Womb to Waste).

Favorite songs? Blehh, there’s no such thing when it comes to this album. I will say that I couldn’t have had a better first impression than the promo/teaser track that I heard on Dying Fetus’ website, From Womb to Waste. I would give this album a perfect score (just like almost all of their other albums) and would force this down everybody’s throat because I know that chances are that this is too much for many to handle. Which is exactly how Dying Fetus rolls.

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