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Band Name Borknagar
Album Name Quintessence
Type Album
Data wpisu 17 Kwiecień 2000
Wydawcy Century Media
Nagrany w Abyss Studio
Styl muzycznyFolk black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album145


 Rivalry of Phantoms
 The Presence Is Ominous
 Ruins of the Future
 Inner Landscape
 Icon Dreams
 Genesis Torn

Total playing time: 43:18

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Komentarz @ vikingman369

24 Lipiec 2011

A fresh approach to the essence of black metal

Those who know of ICS Vortex recognize him as the operatic vocals behind Lamented Souls, Arcturus and (until recently) Dimmu Borgir. However, it is not as renown that Vortex has also sang traditional black metal vocals in the Norwegian "super-group" Borknagar.

Quintessence is much different than its predecessor, The Archaic Course, for the major reason that it's goal is to reconnect the band with his premiere-album sound: regular black metal. However, as much of a leap that is, we can still find Oystein Brun playing actual guitar solos in addition to the tremolo-picked riffs. Keyboards, however, are at a minimum in exchange for wall-to-wall, buzz-saw black metal at surprisingly clear quality.

The one thing that is obvious on this album is that Vortex, who's Epic voice we had enjoyed on The Archaic Course, is replaced with high-pitched growling. The major exception, of course, is the fourth track "Colossus", an Epic track about nature and everything else that Borknagar knows all too well how to portray in their lyrics.

Other than that, there's not much more to say about this album. It's a fresh approach to the essence of black metal, sure to appease both kvlties and fans of ICS Vortex's Epic singing voice.

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