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Band Name Ozzy Osbourne
Album Name Ozzmosis
Type Album
Data wpisu 23 Październik 1995
Styl muzycznyHeavy Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album367


1. Perry Mason
2. I Just Want You
3. Ghost Behind My Eyes
4. Thunder Underground
5. See You on the Other Side
6. Tomorrow
7. Denial
8. My Little Man
9. My Jekyll Doesn't Hide
10. Old L.A. Tonight
Bonustracks (Re-Issue 2002)
11. Whole World's Fallin' Down
12. Aimee

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Komentarz @ vikingman369

26 Wrzesień 2011

It's like No Rest for the Wicked all over again

After thinking he was dying from a terminal illness, Ozzy finished the "No More Tours" Tour, had a one-off reunion with Tony, Geezer and Bill and was ready to call it quits. Just then he discovered that the original diagnosis was wrong, and was back with a vengeance!

Unfortunately, Ozzy Osbourne's return was not as powerful as it might have been. This album features Ozzy, Zakk, Castillo and the great Geezer Butler, who had recently parted with Tony after he resurrected "Tony and Friends" for the Cross Purposes album. If that wasn't bad enough, this album really fails. A lot of the songs are, once again, sound-alike tracks that have almost everything in common with each other.

I found myself getting bored after listening to three tracks. Just three! And these songs are written by Geezer, Lemmy and even Dream Theater's Steve Vai! This album is definitely not the high-point of their writing talent, since almost none of the songs except for the first three ("Perry Mason", "I Just Want You" and "Ghost Behind My Eyes") have any real kick.

It's like No Rest for the Wicked all over again. An uninspiring performance from artists we know can produce much better music. Oh well, at least the next album is better - even if we had to wait until freaking 2001 just to hear it!

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