Diary of a Madman

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Band Name Ozzy Osbourne
Album Name Diary of a Madman
Type Album
Data wpisu 07 Listopad 1981
Styl muzycznyHeavy Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album618


 Over the Mountain
 Flying High Again
 You Can't Kill Rock and Roll
 Little Dolls
 Diary of a Madman

Total playing time: 43:23

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Artykuł @ vikingman369

16 Październik 2010
I bought this album with no preconceived ideas or perceptions about what it was, what it should sound like or how good it should be compared to x or y album. All I knew was that Diary was on this album, and that song really spoke out to me during my darkest hours of my journey through life.

So I take it home and start to give it a listen. The first track, immediately, and I'm hooked. "Over the Mountain" is an epic masterpiece by Rhoads which, too often, is ignored aside the popular "Crazy Train" et. al. Then came song number two, which, knowing something about Ozzy's drug-filled years, made perfect sense.

Track number three, oh wait, its a ballad! How can that be metal? But, being open-minded, I looked rather at the lyrics, which is a rallying cry for all true metal-heads and rockers out there that our beloved genre will never die. I mean, how can we still be saying that Ozzy only likes ballads and sucks at everything else, that he's just a greedy f*ck, when he's had ballads in every one of his solo work? It's obviously something he likes, and that should be enough for you.

I wasn't too thrilled with "Believer" when I heard it on Brutal Legend, but its definitely grown on me. I especially love the one line from the song, because it applies to practically everything, from Metal to spirituality....

I can't believe, they stop and stare
And point their fingers down at me
Their disbelief, suppresses them
But they're not blind, it's just that they won't see

Lyrically, Little Dolls is rather chilling. The next two didn't really sit anywhere with me and feel somewhat like filler-songs, though I'm sure somebody likes them.

Now to the last track. A chilling, horror-piece about insanity and demonic possession. It seemed to just speak out to me in every way, and aside from the first track is one of my favorite songs off this album.

Here's the ironic thing. A lot of people are angry with bands for ripping off riffs and such from other bands (mostly just angry Slayer-fans bitching at Metallica because they're better and more famous than Slayer); however, none of you seem to have any care for the classical greats. Jimmy Page rips off Chopin and yet you all think he's the greatest guitarist ever. In "I Am Ozzy", the Prince of Darkness recalled listening to Rhoads play some Mozart (or was it Beethoven?) on his guitar, and told him to nab it for their song. Though Rhoads protested, the melody was slightly modified and used in the song "Diary of a Madman"...however, nobody seems to care about the classical artist whose intellectual property was used without noticement and Randy Rhoads is still (rightfully) considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

In short, this album should be purchased by any and everyone: both the open-minded looking for classical greats and those who refuse to stop living in the 80s.

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