Lucid Interval

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Band Name Cephalic Carnage
Album Name Lucid Interval
Type Album
Data wpisu 20 Sierpień 2002
Wydawcy Relapse Records
Styl muzycznyDeath Grind
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album75


1. Scolopendra Cingulata 01:34
2. Fortuitous Oddity 00:44
3. Anthro-Emesis (ft. Donovan Breazaeale of Autopsy Commission, Angela Vigil, and Diego Sanchez and A.J. Magana of Disgorge) 06:20
4. The Isle of California (ft. Keith Sanchez of Catheter) 01:21
5. Pseudo (ft. Keith Coombes of Deadspeak and Dirk Trujillo of Evulsion) 05:55
6. Friend of Mine 00:08
7. Rebellion 03:55
8. Zumo Gyakusastsu (ft. Donovan Breazaeale of Autopsy Commission and Terry Christbutcher of Excommunion) 00:52
9. Black Metal Sabbath (ft. Dave Otero of Serberus, Dirk Trujillo of Evulsion, Ron of Mandrake, Keith Sanchez of Catheter, Tina Sanchez, and Keith Coombes and Than Wilson of Deadspeak) 06:14
10. Cannabism (ft. Ron of Mandrake) 00:45
11. Lucid Interval 04:10
12. Misguided (ft. Alex Marquez of Laughing Dog and Joe Tapia of Noisear) 00:56
13. Redundant 02:44
14. Arsonist Savior (ft. Jae Foetusgrubber) 21:16
15. Hidden Track 00:36
Total playing time 57:30