Lightslaying Rituals

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Band Name Temple Of Baal
Album Name Lightslaying Rituals
Type Album
Data wpisu 12 Październik 2009
Wydawcy Agonia Records
Styl muzycznyBlack Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album59


1. Piercing the Veils of Slumber 05:03
2. Triumph of Heretic Fire 03:28
3. Black Sun of the Damned 05:04
4. Angstgeist 04:30
5. Dead Cult 05:58
6. Hate Is My Name 02:53
7. Poisoned Words 04:09
8. Vectors to the Void 03:22
9. Blessings of Blackfire 05:49
Total playing time 40:16

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15 Listopad 2009
Baal was the supreme male god of the ancient Phoenicians and Canaanites. They worshiped him with self torture and human sacrifices. Many of the temples of Baal were on rooftops. Temple Of Baal is also the name of a French black metal band from Ile-De-France(the same town that Aosoth come from). This is the 3rd full length album from this quartet.

I've enjoyed listening to this album 15 times in the past 2 days, so I think that I'm ready to give it a fair assessment. If I would have listened to this album without knowing who the actual artist was, I would have assumed that it was Unleashed. Vocalist Amduscias sounds a lot like vocalist Johnny Hedlund of Unleashed. So I relistened to some of Unleashed's music and found that they do sound differently because they are more melodic than Temple Of Baal. Temple Of Baal is much darker and are more misanthropic than Unleashed. The guitars and bass display a lot of thrashing, though there is some guitar shredding. The drum playing of Antares is fast and skilled. It sounds a lot the drum playing of Dave Lombardo from Slayer.

The first track, Piercing The Veil Of Slumber, thrashes something like Unleashed. Triumph Of The Heretic Fire has a lot of melodic thrashing that sounds more like Grimbane, there are flashy guitar interludes that are similar to Kerry King's (Slayer) style of guitar playing. Black Sun Of The Damned is a damn good song. Its got a lot of great headbanging melodies interspersed with some slower and darker moments. There is a sizzling guitar solo towards the end of this song. Angstgeist thrashes very fast and with a dark mood. There is some high note tremolo guitar picking in this song. Dead Cult is a heavy and dark song with a bad ass rhythm. Check out the live video of this song, that I've selected for this review. Hate is my Name thrashes melodically with a misanthropic attitude. Vectors To The Void thrashes with melodies that remind me of Satan's Host, it's a very wicked song. Blessings Of Black Fire thrashes with a chaotic melody, it's got a very dark and misanthropic mood. There is some very skilled shredding in this song.

I thought about putting a few songs from this album onto some of my(Ipod) playlists, then I decided that it would be a waste of time, because the whole album is worth listening to. If you like thrashy black metal, then I think that you should consider buying this album. This album is really good.

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