The Vision of Fading Mankind

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Band Name Temple Of Baal
Album Name The Vision of Fading Mankind
Type Split
Data wpisu 29 Listopad 2011
Wydawcy Agonia Records
Styl muzycznyBlack Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album37


Limited to 500 copies.
1. Ordeals of the Void 04:44
2. When Mankind Falls 05:16
3. Slaves to the Beast 02:52
4. Heresy Forever Enthroned 09:47
5. Ave Dominus 04:26
6. The Second Crowning 04:17
7. Devil Speaks in Tongues (Mortem Cover) 04:18
Total playing time 35:40

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Artykuł @ GandhiEgo

29 Listopad 2011

Master and promising student of the dark arts both release crushing and evil split CD!

With the release of this new bestial offering by Agonia Records featuring French onslaught leaders Temple of Baal with "newcomers" Ritualization, it was clear now that France, after being a haven for Black Metal is also and foverer more a force to be reckoned in Death Metal.

For quite a long time, Death Metal and France meant only a few names like Loudblast, Agressor or the band that’s probably best known outside of France: Massacra. Still to be very honest, most of these great bands had not completely shed their Thrash Metal influences and were not full-fledged Death Metal beasts. I see some of you in the back screaming at the top of their lungs that those were not the only Death Metal bands out there and they’re right but it’s not a list so keep fucking quiet.

Most people reading this are probably better acquainted with Temple of Baal than with Ritualization. Lightslaying Rituals, their latest full-length effort, had also been released on Agonia Records two years ago and had started to show a new direction for the band. Their first two albums were very much influenced by Darkthrone and were basically good, if not excellent, True Black Metal offerings. Still, with Lightslaying Rituals, Temple of Baal had put a lot more Death Metal in their music and that transformation is still happening on The Vision of Fading Mankind. Much more of a Blackened Death Metal act now, the band devastates everything in its path. Four tracks that will leave no one doubting that they might have gone in the wrong direction. It’s intense, epic and blasphemous all at the same time while retaining the poignancy of the earlier releases.

Then come Ritualization. Now if you’ve followed a bit the underground lately you couldn't have NOT noticed the rise of this promising band. This is the first time ever that Ritualization will release something on CD and let's thank Agonia Records for this. After two demos, the band whose Death Metal may be compared to blasting deities Angelcorpse meeting the gloomiest side of Incantation, it was about time to reveal this band to the whole world. If you’re familiar with the aforementioned bands, chances are you know where this is leading: apocalyptic and dark Death Metal.

You’ll “only” get three tracks of very intense Death Metal and though the Mortem (legendary band from Peru) cover is excellent, two tracks of their own seem a bit too little to get fully acquainted. Especially considering the fact that Temple of Baal put the mark quite high with their part... Oh well, it's only a start and I bet a full-length debut may well be under way and this will have to do for now.

Altogether, I can only recommend this split CD (also available on limited edition vinyl) which highlights France’s creme de la creme in extreme metal. There’s no way you’d be disappointed except maybe for the length of it which we would all wish to be longer…

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