L.D. 50

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Band Name Mudvayne
Album Name L.D. 50
Type Album
Data wpisu 13 Sierpień 2000
Styl muzycznyNu Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album277


1. Monolith 01:52
2. Dig 02:43
3. Internal Primates Forever 04:25
4. -1 03:58
5. Death Blooms 04:52
6. Golden Ratio 00:54
7. Cradle 05:14
8. Nothing to Gein 05:29
9. Mutatis Mutandis 01:43
10. Everything and Nothing 03:14
11. Severed 06:33
12. Recombinant Resurgence 02:00
13. Prod 06:03
14. Pharmaecopia 05:34
15. Under My Skin 03:47
16. (K)now F(orever) 07:06
17. Lethal Dosage 02:59
Total playing time 1:08:25

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Komentarz @ Pharmaecopia

03 Marzec 2015

Great album, but it f*cked Chad up.

This was easily one of Mudvayne's best albums ever. However, the aggression used and the constant screaming the way Chad did it, fucked his scream up permanently. However this album is like glue to me. It's stuck to me. Pretty much every song is a f*cking masterpiece. It's dark, heavy, aggressive. Songs like Mudvayne, Severed, Dig, and Pharmaecopia are easily some of the best songs I've heard not just of Mudvayne, but in metal. The thing that stands out in a Mudvayne album is that they connect with the listener but yet tell Chad's story. Nothing To Gein is the perfect example of this. In Nothing To Gein, Chad talks about Serial Killer and Body Snatcher Edward Gein, but yet links with the listener in a strange way. It's amazing how he in a way creeps into the mind of Ed Gein, and explains in horrid detail what he was and what his passion was.

Overall, to keep this short and sweet. This album still stands out 15 years later. It's still standing and unique and just it's amazing. Get it.

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