In Absentia

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Band Name Porcupine Tree
Album Name In Absentia
Type Album
Data wpisu 2002
Styl muzycznyProgressive Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album208


1. Blackest Eyes 04:23
2. Trains 05:56
3. Lips of Ashes 04:39
4. The Sound of Muzak 04:59
5. Gravity Eyelids 07:56
6. Wedding Nails 06:33
7. Prodigal 05:32
8. 3 05:25
9. The Creator Has a Mastertape 05:21
10. Heartattack in a Layby 04:15
11. Strip the Soul 07:21
12. Collapse the Light into the Earth 05:54
Total playing time 1:08:14

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Komentarz @ Brabiz

31 Marzec 2012

Absolutely beautiful, amazing album from beginning to end.

Porcupine Tree, what started as a progressive rock band, has evolved into something more. The 2002 release, 'In Absentia' was the first album to have a more metal sound to it. The album starts off with a song called, 'blackest eyes' this song starts with an intro reminiscent of 'Tool' then it goes into a heaver guitar and then gets soft when the vocals come in. The album ends with a really beautiful song called 'collapse light into earth' which is my favorite from the album. This album is fantastic and creates a somewhat eerie mood. Instrumentally its fantastic and also vocally its fantastic. This is one of my all time favorite cds and no one should miss it. Although a few songs are somewhat forgetable, it makes up for it with the rest of the songs. This album works in every way, instrumentally, vocally and it creates a nice creepy sort of ambience. I would highly recommend this to anyone. 20/20

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