High Voltage Warning 2012

lista zespołów Neo Classical Ark Storm High Voltage Warning 2012
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Band Name Ark Storm
Album Name High Voltage Warning 2012
Type Video
Data wpisu 26 Grudzień 2012
Wydawcy King Records
Styl muzycznyNeo Classical
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album0


1. Ark Storm
2. Face the Evil Master
3. War Game
4. Only Time Will Last
5. Maze Without a Trace
6. Keyboards Solo
7. Symphony on Wings
8. Orpheus
9. Drum Solo
10. Bass Solo
11. Time Fuse
12. The Giver
13. Speed Maniac Stampede
14. Special Medley
15. The Sword of the Ancient Knight
16. Guitar Solo
17. Flame of Hope
18. High Voltage
19. Final Faith
20. Message in DNA
21. True Paradise
22. Play for You

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