From Death to Destiny

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Nazwa zespołu Asking Alexandria
Tytuł płyty From Death to Destiny
Type Album
Data wpisu 06 Sierpień 2013
Wyprodukowany przez Joey Sturgis
Gatunek muzycznyMetalcore
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album105


1. Don't Pray for Me 04:40
2. Killing You 03:11
3. The Death of Me 04:18
4. Run Free 04:10
5. Break Down the Walls 03:31
6. Poison 03:46
7. Believe 04:31
8. Creature 03:14
9. White Line Fever 03:43
10. Moving On 04:02
11. The Road 03:27
12. Until the End (ft. Howard Jones) 04:30
13. The Death of Me (Rock Mix) 03:24
Bonustracks (European Deluxe Edition, FYE Exclusive and Japanese Edition)
14. Dead 04:00
15. Someone, Somewhere (Ben Bruce Acoustic) 03:43
Total playing time 50:52

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Asking Alexandria

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Komentarz @ matt350

02 Październik 2014


Asking Alexandria has always been my favorite band. With this release they decided to do something a bit different. They mixed a lot of hard rock/heavy metal influences in with their metalcore sound to produce and I quote 'a musical baby of motley crue and slipknot'!!!

Asking Alexandria has always been a metalcore/electronicore band with tons of heavy breakdowns and screams. With this release they prove they can be influenced by hard rock and still be brutal enough for the hardcore fans out there. They have their softer tracks like Run Free and Moving On, but still prove they have the BRUTAL capabilities like demonstrated in the songs Believe and Dont Pray For Me.

Certain tracks may be liked by some and hated by others - such as The Death of Me because of its rock related core, but I say this to all the AA haters out there, every track on this album has its ups and downs but that doesn't make it bad!

I APPLAUD this release as it demonstrates a truly great band that will be loved for years to come, especially from me. 20/20

NOTABLE TRACKS - Run Free, Believe, Creature, The Road.

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