Edge of the Earth

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Band Name Sylosis
Album Name Edge of the Earth
Type Album
Data wpisu 11 Marzec 2011
Wydawcy Nuclear Blast
Styl muzycznyDeath Thrash
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album72


1. Procession 06:45
2. Sands of Time 05:07
3. Empyreal 04:51
4. Empyreal (Pt. 2) 01:07
5. A Serpents Tongue 05:23
6. Awakening 03:58
7. Kingdom of Solitude 05:37
8. Where the Sky Ends 03:56
9. Dystopia 05:43
10. Apparitions 07:15
11. Altered States of Consciousness 05:31
12. Beyond the Resurrected 05:09
13. Eclipsed 04:45
14. From the Edge of the Earth 07:37
Bonustrack (iTunes Edition)
15. Earth's Dust 04:48
Total playing time 1:12:44

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Artykuł @ ChristopherJRM

04 Lipiec 2011

Great record by a very promising band

Sylosis is an example of a band that's been around for quite a long time - 11 years - but only in 2008 they released their debut album. And since then, one could realize that this not-so-amateur amateur band already had the potential to be one of the bands in modern Metal - more specifically modern Thrash Metal - that we should should keep an eye on.

Since the previous "Conclusion of an Age", that critics and fans were surprised with the record's quality, even more since it was a debut album. It had a beautiful mixture of Thrash Metal and Melodic Death Metal, with a little Metalcore and all that mixture being "watered" by Progressive. And after that album it happened like it does to every band, the pressure of the second album falls upon them. Adding to that, they lose their vocalist Jamie Graham. So, guitarist Josh Middleton just jumps to the front and works the vocal part beside his usual guitar. To some, that already is a reason for this album "Edge of the Earth" to be considered inferior than the previous one, becuase of the new voice sounding strange to them. But it's not a very plausible reason, due to the unique quality and excellent progression that is found in this record.

They keep a similar formula to the previous record, taking away a bit of the Metalcore part, to make sure that they stablish themselves with their own style and a singular sound. That Thrash approach - a little bit Bay Area old school style also with a little of modern Thrash Metal - with some Swedish-style Melo-Death, building up songs with a Progressive Metal structure makes the respect for Sylosis increase, in a way one can even declare that this record is an example of how modern Extreme Metal is supposed to sound. Like I read in another review to this record once, what some of the more recent heavy bands, - the one that wrote the article I read used Trivium as an example - Sylosis are doing it in its perfection and how it is supposed to be done.

It's a long record, so it's a bit difficult to absorb at its first listening, but we immediately feel the impact of the riffs, the powerful vocals, all the technical instrumentalization - without exaggerating -, and even with loudness and power reigning, one can still take some interesting melodies from here. Enough to make us want to hear it again and eventually be able to retain the record in the mind properly and recognize each song by itself.

Some "anthems" to highlight can be the opening track "Procession", the promo single "Empyreal", instrumental "Where the Sky Ends", or the ending track "From the Edge of the Earth", longest track on the record. But in general, for anyone who likes any kind of Extreme Metal, this is a CD worth to listen and Sylosis is a band whose future is worth to follow.

Original article written in Portuguese on my blog.
So, sorry if it sounds a bit cheesey sometimes in the text, it sounded better in Portuguese.

Rating: 16/20

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Komentarz @ JacksonGuitarTeen1108

31 Marzec 2012

Great Album From A Band in The Shadows

Sylosis is a new melodeath/thrash band from the UK. Well, they're not really new since they been together since 2000. They released their Debut album "Conclusion of an Age" in 2008 with Nuclear Blast Records after a few EPs from an independent company. Not a lot of people probably have heard of them because of this, and the lack of any tours outside the UK. Now with the release of their new album Edge of the Earth, along with a recently finished US tour, Sylosis has a lot bigger fan base and is also, in my opinion, one of the best uprising bands out there.

Their first single was Empyreal, which was released in January 2011, a good 4 months before the album's release. This set the mood for me that this album was gonna be amazing. Empyreal, along with the rest of the album, has head pounding riffs, insane heart touching solos, and Josh's vocals sound great. The use of the power chords with the added bass note not only make the songs sound heavier in standard E tuning, but it also makes you think they're playing 7 string guitars. Each song has it's own significance and is worth listening to. One of the songs that caught my attention the most was "Eclipsed", because it had a melodic feel and powerful impact to me. The lyrical inspiration has its significance as well. Like I said before, it has a lot of power and emotion in it.

Overall, this album is just amazingly good. One of my favorite albums in 2011. I don't see any problem with it at all. 20/20

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