Grindstone Studio

Type Studia nagraniowe
Adres nieznana ulica
Miasto Ipswich
Państwo United-Kingdom
Strona internetowa
After treading the boards for over 10 years as guitarist with UK metalcore underdogs Stampin' Ground, I founded GRINDSTONE STUDIO to focus on producing metal / hardcore and rock bands. My interest in recording grew in the late 90's - it was a rough time to get your tunes recorded well; and finding a good studio was like finding your way though a minefield. Stampin' Ground had been burned a few times, and so did almost every band we knew. So, in 2003, I applied what I learnt from a decade of recording with SG and set about doing it myself. From a humble beginning running a mobile recording rig to establishing it's current premises, GRINDSTONE STUDIO has gone from strength to strength. Primarily setup to track demo's for unsigned bands, the studio quickly began attracting signed bands that were looking to record full albums - i'd been getting better results than some well known people in the business, and it's grown from there. In recent years some of my clients include record labels such as Nuclear Blast, Roadrunner, Earache, Candlelight, Peaceville, Relapse and Metal Blade.

Recorded albums