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Band Name Sylosis
Album Name Conclusion of an Age
Type Album
Released date 24 October 2008
Labels Nuclear Blast
Recorded at Grindstone Studio
Music StyleMetalcore
Members owning this album101


 Desolate Seas
 After Lifeless Years
 The Blackest Skyline
 Reflections Through Fire
 Conclusion of an Age
 Swallow the World
 Last Remaining Light
 Stained Humanity
 Oath of Silence

 The Fate of Vultures

Total playing time: 01:04:17

Review @ Ardour

23 November 2008
Finally, after months of anticipation, Conclusion of an Age is upon us.
Possibly one of the greatest CDs of 2008, as long as one of the most refreshing CD's in Thrash metal in this day and age.

Only being signed to Nuclear Blast for half a year and producing a gem like this, you really are safe in the knowledge that nothing less than gold will be followed by this stunning debut.

Being an avid Sylosis fan myself, I've been waiting eagerly for an album since I first heard their stunning debut EP "Casting Shadows", what seems way back in 2006. As you'll read later in this review, this also compensated with fans like myself with a treat on COAA.

After then hearing their 2nd EP "The Supreme Oppressor" upon release, it basically sealed the fate of Sylosis, after being one of, if not the most refreshing and innovative UK Metal (and Thrash in general) bands, in years.

COAA itself? Masterpiece. As you may of may not have heard previously, the boys decided to be generous enough feed our hunger by treating us to 2 of the new tracks on the album prior to release, first off the epic title track, "Conclusion of an Age" and weeks later, the anthemic "Teras".

So when I got my mitts on the disc itself, you can imagine myself (and any big Sylosis fan) jumping around in glee in the middle of HMV like a tit after purchasing the CD. I get home and whack that bad boy into my CD player and anticipate the joy I knew I was in for.

The first 2 tracks, "Desolate Seas" and "After Lifeless Years" are a fantastic, complimenting introduction to the album, and over the 2 tracks there's everything this band are about: Intense harmonies, bad-ass riffing, fantastic melody (especially on Jamie's Vocals) and basically re-inventing the wheel. Basically, a Metal guitarists wet-dream.

Moving through the album, personally I can't help but notice the amount of perfectly laid hooks and groove, (especially emphasised in "Transcendence", "Conclusion of an Age" and a breakdown in "Reflections Through Fire") complimented by the dual-harmonising which is laid in the right places, every time, as opposed to a lot of the new breed of "MySpace Metal" that's been spawning over the past couple of years who seem to overkill the technique.

This complimented with Lead Guitarist Josh Middleton's amazing, screaming, lead/solo work is an immense treat for the ears, and a masterclass on the modern-day up-and-coming generation of Metal Guitarists. This, along with the bands cited influences as Metallica, Death, Carcass, Symphony X and Soilwork amongst a few, serve as pretty much the formula for a new age of Thrash to come. I especially recommend the track "The Fate of Vultures" which is an iTunes exclusive, as it's an immense track which the shred-heads out there will have a keen place for, and at 79p, is amazing for the material you get.

For the more heavier inclined fans out there, "COAA", "Teras" and "Stained Humanity" are the tracks for you. As for melodic highlights, my 2 favourite parts of the album (bar the amazing Sweep-picking during the 2 short "Teras" breakdowns) have to be Jamie's vocals in the massive melodic section in "Swallow the World", which well, if you enjoy any form of melody or music itself, will inevitably have you singing along at least every other time you hear it. This, accompanied by the re-recorded version of "Oath of Silence", from 2006's "Casting Shadows" top off the immense, innovative debut that is, Conclusion of an Age.


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