Decimate the Weak

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Band Name Winds Of Plague
Album Name Decimate the Weak
Type Album
Data wpisu 05 Luty 2008
Wydawcy Century Media
Styl muzycznyDeathcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album165


1. A Cold Day in Hell 01:14
2. Anthems of Apocalypse 05:46
3. The Impaler 03:01
4. Decimate the Weak (ft. Sal Lococo of Sworn Enemy) 03:38
5. Origins and Endings 04:30
6. Angels of Debauchery 04:32
7. Reloaded 02:28
8. Unbreakable 04:16
9. One Body Too Many 03:36
10. Legions 03:49
Total playing time 36:50

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Artykuł @ JakeDaSnake

15 Marzec 2011

Masterfully combines brutal and melodic elements.

Winds Of Plague is one of those unclassifiable genres. They're 70% deathcore, 15% melodic death, 5% progressive, and 10% symphonic. They have been around since about 2002 and have come out with about three releases so far, going on four this year. They are already a widely known band among metal heads alike. This album is their second full record released and has many genres displayed throughout. I never really fully listened to this band until about a month ago, and I was very surprised with what I heard.

What I love about this band the most, is how they manage to sound very brutal and earthshaking, all the while using a melodic/symphonic sound throughout the record. The breakdowns are just insane to say the least, and the choruses, solos, bridges show very creative instrumentation throughout as well. This band has a very innovative sound that stands out among other deathcore bands as a landmark for genre blending. The drumming isn't the fastest I've heard, but it doesn't have to be as long it's creative enough and doesn't ever fall out of tempo. As far as the overall quality of the music goes, it's top notch and professional sounding. The vocals are great, although seemingly using some inhales during most of the growls, and fit the music just fine. The guitarists talent is probably the one that stands out the most for this band.

The solos are pretty technically epic and make good use of a single track, not just relying on multiple tracks to add harmony, although that is still shown throughout the album. The distortion has the perfect sound, not too trebly, not too bassy, and really crunchy sounding, that perfect balance to find that really helps to make the perfect breakdowns that people will love. The album cover really fits the music and genre as well: brutal but majestic.

I was hooked when I first heard this album, and it is definitley one that deathcore lovers will like as well. 18/20

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Artykuł @ SeasonsMist

15 Luty 2013

Best Symphonic Deathcore Ever

This is the album that got me into Deathcore and subsequently Death Metal. That was over a year ago, and I feel I can properly review this album objectively. This album combines standard tuning guitars played in a melodic fashion with a punishing but not too down-tuned bass, and of course Winds of Plague's famous keyboard. This is by far their best album and their new stuff is complete shit. Best tracks are "Anthems of Apocaylpse", "Decimate the Weak" and "Angels of Debauchery". This release is noted for the symphonic elements and non-chug style. I believe this album to be the culprit for much of the experimentation we see with Deathcore now.

Johnny Plague is vocally at his best here. This album contains lyrical content typical of Deathcore- some gore, some sadness, basically average. The exception is "Anthems of Apocalypse", where the fast tempo and apocalyptic message are very well crafted. The high screams are punishing but decipherable, the growls are very deep, and not overproduced like their newer albums. We also have a couple pig squeals. The vocals are pretty much average.

The guitar work here is the best of Winds of Plague, and their only album played with the guitars tuned normally. Many tracks have melodic structure and audibly pleasing guitar solos, which are nothing technically. But the solos paired with the epic symphonic style creates a very nice sound. The riffs and low notes are varied but consistent, but I don't listen to this album and get bored easily, like I do sometimes when songs are breakdown after breakdown. Overall the guitar work is exceptional, at least for a Deathcore record. The bass work is average but well-done, I do appreciate how the bass used to accent the guitars in the choruses of some songs.

The drums are crisp and tight sounding and overall very well tuned into the mix. The patterns themselves for the drums are very basic however, and this album contains few time signatures. The drums accent the rest of the work well, it's just that many bands in the genre have upped their game with technicality and this is a flaw I see in this album. Drums are average.

Overall a very good Deathcore album, one of my favorite ever actually. Winds of Plague may be a piece of shit now, but at least Johnny's heart was in the right place when they started. This is WOP's only record where they apparently put any effort in, so enjoy it. Good guitars, good vocals, catchy breakdowns and stuff, a Deathcore essential. 16/20

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