Christ Ø

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Nazwa zespołu Vanden Plas
Tytuł płyty Christ Ø
Type Album
Data wpisu 31 Marzec 2006
Gatunek muzycznyProgressive Metal
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album128


 Re-Issue in by Century Media with one bonustrack.
 Christ 0
 Postcard to God
 Wish You Were Here
 Shadow I Am
 Fireroses Dance
 Somewhere Alone in the Dark
 January Sun
 Lost in Silence

 Gethsemane (Digipack and Re-Issue 2010)

Total playing time: 01:07:20

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Vanden Plas

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Artykuł @ beyondthemind

04 Grudzień 2006
Those things haven’t been happened by chance. Since 2002 and the release of the delightful “Beyond Daylight”, our dark heroes have continued to gild their quill. After the great one “Abydos”, the solo project of the charismatic singer Andy Kuntz, the band involved themselves with a brave and inspired way in several theatrical productions. Today, the great book of Progressive Metal shall be opened again and boasting about to do that on a blank page swamped with high maturity of mind within band united more than ever. Conceptual album, inspired from “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas, at the image of the story, Christ.0 reveals the most contrasted sides of quest of deep musical experience. With powerful introduction, “Christ.0” track immediately provides a great survey of the entire album content. Sharp riffs and kicks Lill’s brothers open unsuspected doors to entrancing arrangements. The sizeable orchestration addition and very natural sounds recall the most clearest possible way of “The God Thing”. Violence is also in place especially through “Somewhere alone in the Dark” track where band provides them incredible focusion into very dark world with more actual tones. Singing lines as heartrending as usual invest listener minds with impressive vocal melodies. In this way, gripping “Silently” couplers move to mighty chorus. They are both hurled with production as usual equal to the task. Kaiserslautern theater’s choirs sang on the compositions certainly very Progressive Rock oriented like “January sun”, maybe the best striking track of the album. Dark and enthroned, Christ.0 leads us beyond what we could wait for, by the way, don’t be afraid if suddenly you feel like you have a lump in you’re throat and heavy heart listening to “Fireroses Dance” and very nostalgic track “Lost in Silence”. The revisited story brings up listeners carrying them away into the revengethirsty mind of a man’s exploring tainted darkness.
Modern and symbolic, this conceptual album will both please listeners in quest of intense obscure feelings and addicted powerful melodies musicians enjoying sharp riffs sailed by incredible orchestrations.
Beyond The Mind

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