Blackwater Park

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Nazwa zespołu Opeth
Tytuł płyty Blackwater Park
Type Album
Data wpisu 12 Marzec 2001
Wyprodukowany przez
Nagrany w Studio Fredman
Gatunek muzycznyProgressive Death
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album1164


 The Leper Affinity
 The Drapery Falls
 Dirge for November
 The Funeral Portrait
 Patterns in the Ivy
 Blackwater Park
 Harvest (Multimedia Track)

 The Leper Affinity (Live)
 Still Day Beneath the Sun
 Patterns in the Ivy II
 Harvest (multimedia track)

Total playing time: 01:19:19

DVD (Re-Issue 2010)

 5.0 Audio Mix of the Original Album
 Documentary: The Making of Blackwater Park

Total playing time: 01:42:16

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Komentarz @ JakeDaSnake

27 Listopad 2010

Opeth's magnum opus, and the record that got me into extreme metal. An essential that must be obtained by any means.

Instead of dicking around, I'll cut right to the chase and say that this is my favorite album by my favorite band of all time. The sheer beauty and musicianship that is shown here is indescribable, not to mention the amount of differentiation and diversity that can be found on every single track, from start to finish, creating a perfectly cohesive and audible work of art. This is the essential metal album, period. Now that I've told you what I think of the record, I'll explain why.

Essentially, Opeth is a mix of progressive metal, black metal, and melodic death. That's if you don't count the countless amount of folk and classical influences. On Blackwater Park, they take that, put it on steroids, and then use up all of the creativity and effort that they can muster down to the last drop, and this is the product. What you see is the finished collection of the bands greatest accumulated talent, put on CD. The amount of emotions that you'll experience on this CD is mind-boggling, and almost anyone will find something that they really like on here.

This record is so amazing that it simply doesn't need that much explanation. The fact is that Opeth completely outdid themselves on Blackwater Park and creates a classic for the ages, one that is almost sure to stand the test of time. It encourages experimentation, diversity, and soulfulness, which is exactly what the music industry needs in this time.

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ryan5 - 28 Listopad 2010: Great review. Oddly enough, i two like their durations of each song; ownly that of Opeth's. What makes them great is that they have their own unique sound and style. As you said, their genre has never trully been classifiable.
emofreak33 - 28 Listopad 2010: nice review, i would like to point out that i dont think that they started out as a traditional death metal band, because it is obvious in Orchid and Morningrise that they have lots of classical, jazz, progressive rock, and black metal elements in their music. but overall nice review im suprised haha
afromanius - 28 Listopad 2010: Bleak was a first song from Opeth that i hear. It is really awsome. At that moment i knew that opeth isn´t just another band.
condemnthedead - 29 Listopad 2010: piece of advice: focus more on the review rather than saying over and over that they are great. leave that to the people listening to judge if the band is good or not. all that said i am a huge fan of opeth
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