Attack of the Wolf King

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Band Name Haste The Day
Album Name Attack of the Wolf King
Type Album
Data wpisu 29 Czerwiec 2010
Wyprodukowany przez Andreas Magnusson
Styl muzycznyMetalcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album32


1. Wake Up the Son
2. Dog Like Vultures
3. The Quiet, Deadly Ticking
4. Travesty
5. Merit for Sadness
6. The Un-Manifest
7. The Place Where Most Deny (ft. Micah Kinard of Oh, Sleeper)
8. White as Snow
9. Crush Resistance
10. Walk with a Crooked Spine
11. My Name Is Darkness
Bonustracks (Special Edition)
12. Meet Me Half Way (Black Eyed Peas Cover)
13. Blue 42 (Live in Auckland, New Zealand)
14. Pressure the Hinges (Live in Cape Town, South Africa)
Contains footage of the band travelling through and playing gigs at all seven countries.