à l'occasion de leur passage au Transbordeur, Xandria nous dévoile son nouveau style et sa nouvelle chanteuse Manuela Kraller, merci à eux de répondre à nos questions

interview XandriaHello Xandria and thanks to answer to our questions , at first , could you tell us something about your four albums with Lisa and Nils Middelhauve ?
Marco: Hello, you are welcome, it´s a pleasure for us! Well, what should I tell you about our former albums? It was kind of the first era of xandria, and now we started a new one! By the way, Nils was playing bass only on the third and fourth album, because he was not the first bassist of Xandria - there was another one before him.

Now you have your new singeress Manuela Kraller, so Manuela do you mind if I ask you to introduce yourself ?
Manuela: I am the new singer of Xandria since December 2010. Before that i have been part of the classic-metal band „Haggard“ and in the band „Forty Shades“ (further „Nagor Mar“). I started singing very late at the age of 23 and since then it became my passion. And now fate has brought me to Xandria and I am very happy about that;)

So we can say that a new Xandia is born ! Your music sounds much powerfull and symphonic, why dou you choose that kind of music ?
Marco: Because we love the combination of metal and bombastic, cinematic elements. It also gives you the freedom to create many things in music.

Do you believe that your last album "Neverworld's End" could interrest metal AND classical audience ?
Marco: Not really a pure classical music audience, but fans of symphonic sounds like being used in movie soundtracks, if they also like metal.
interview Xandria

And about your audience, after 5 years without a new album from you (the last album "Salomé-The Seventh Veil" was released in 2007), did your oldest fans followed your new carreer ? Or do you have a new audience ?
Marco: I think we got a lot of new fans with the new album and we know that most of our old fans like it, too. Of course there are always some who like more what a band did in the past, but a band has to follow its heart and can only hope the fans go with them.

A question for you Manuela, a lot of people find that there is too many classical singeress in metal band now; what do you think about that opinion ? And do you feel a little bit worried by peoples who compares always "female-metal-voice-symponic" with Nightwish ?

Manuela: I think there are not too many...it would be the same if someone said there are too many male singers, but that would be stupid, won´t it?

I got used to the comparison with Tarja and Xandria got used to the comparison with Nightwish. It is normal that people compare with something they know. And in the genre symphonic metal Nightwish is the best known band, so talk often about Nightwish when there are bands who make also symphonic metal.

But my wish is that once the comparisons with Tarja will stop and people will recognize that I have my own unique voice. I hope I can proof this on the next Xandria album...

You where in tour in Europa with Epica (and Stream Of Passion) this sping, what are your feeling about it ....goods...and
interview Xandria bads ?
Marco: No bad feelings at all, this tour was a lot of fun and we met many new fans. We have played in countries we have never played before which was a great experience - like in France!

And do you play soon in many festivals ?
Marco: As the festival season is already almost over, there will be not many festivals to follow. We will play on the Metal Female Voices Fest in October though.

Do you have any new project now?
Marco: We are already working on new songs, cause we don´t want to let the fans wait that long for a new album again.

For a next album and next gigs that comes within, what should be the best choice for you; to play as tha headliner band ? Or to play with another famous band? And wich one do you wish to play within ?

arco: The choice wether to play headliner or supporting shows depends on the country for example. If it would be better to play as a support in a certain country because we are new to that market and need more attention there, we have to do that before doing headliner shows, because no one will book you otherwise. It´s a good thing to get known better by the people.

Could we hope to see you again in france soon ?
Marco: Yes, in November we will play some shows in France together with Kamelot.

Xavier: Thanks a lot Xandria and best whishes from Spirit of Metal !

Manuela: You´re welcome, it was a pleasure! See you!

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