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"Wulfshon" was founded in 2004, led by guitarist Matias Oyola Taubes. Argentinian band diligently mixing black/death and Viking metal, giving the body through a conceptualization around the Germano-Nordic mythology. Having released two EPs in 2008 and in 2009, "Wulfshon" released his first album in 2010, "Prinnit Mittilagart".

interview WulfshonHi Wulfshon,
*Could you present your band and your actual line up.

The band’s lineup consists of 4 people. Matias Taubas Oyola – clean vocals and guitars, Paulo Bianchi – guttural vocals and guitars, Fernando Larriestra – bass, and Pablo Taubas Oyola on drums and vocals

*«Prinnit Mittilagart» is your first album. What were the difficulties you encountered?
The first point is as follows: The band was envisioned as a solo Project and the creation process of the band proper took some time, as different lineups were used. The second point is that due to our lack of external economic support, being another self-organizing independent band does condition our ability to produce material for our discography.

*Is there a concept? You mentioned « aspects of the nordic-germanic culture ».
Can you tell us more?

Ancestral Nordic-Germanic culture was taken by Wulfshon not only as a concept but as an object of study and deep research. Prinnit Mittilagart reflects a change of conscience, it is the path of the warrior. Its start lies in the darkness - fighting only for what he believes in since he had been born, and for his people. Little by little as he advances through this road, he becomes more aware of life and its teachings. He elaborates his existence; he is illuminated and abandons the material realm in order to join the maximum state of conscience – the ult
interview Wulfshonimate union with the universe. That is Prinnit Mittilagart: The change of an era, the burning, the metamorphosis of the earthly body into light.

*What significance does for you Norse mythology?
Why this particular choice?

Nordic mythology is part of our inspiration as far as lyrics are concerned - as we have explained. These myths are full of philosophical content, which we analyze passionately and compare to other philosophical sources that we relate to. This was a choice made from the very starting point of the band when it was still a solo project. However, this does not mean that we might not analyze other ancient cultures and expand our horizons in further releases.

*What are your influences and the artists you enjoy? Why?
The band is influenced by a great deal of artists as well as other bands, as it is formed by four different individuals with similar tastes yet with a wide range of styles and preferences. We will speak specifically about Wulfshon and our main influences, we can say that the black and death scene from the Nordic zone were the greatest influence: A Canorous Quintet, Dissection, Dark Funeral, Vintersorg, Marduk, Borknagar, Enslaved, Emperor, Immortal and Satyricon.

*You define yourself as a black / death metal band. Several sources define you as a
Black/death viking band. The viking metal's aspect would not be present in your opinion?

At f
interview Wulfshonirst, the band was close to the Viking, which can be seen in early lyrics. As time went by the band evolved alongside with its essence, which led to being self-defined as black-death group instead.

*Argentine scene is generally little known in Europe. In all styles, it is often only retained Rata Blanca. How do you explain that?
Bands like Rata Blanca flourished in the late 80s and early 90s, mostly because at that time there was a local market which stimulated the growth and advent of this style. Today there is no availability of resources, be it through private or state means.

*What are your assets in concert? The public with who you have enjoyed to play?
Our strongpoints are the combination of a powerful image with a good, clear sound, adjusted to create a quality show. Our ideal public is that which follows us from the beginning and enjoys our shows as much as we do.

Concerts planned soon in Europe? Do you have other projects planned?
We are currently working on the organization of an european tour for next year, and are also about to enter our recording studios to create the next addition to our discography.

*Are you satisfied by your work? You see future with confidence?
We are very satisfied and happy with the manner in which we are working, and we are certain that great chances await us in the future.

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