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Interview mail avec Henrik Klingenberg

interview Sonata Arctica1) Can you tell us what happen in the band life between Unia and this new album ?
Henrik: Well, first off- we toured like hell for almost two years, then as the rest of us had a 2 month break, Tony wrote some new stuff and last February we started to work on the new material....a few months later the album was done.

2) How can you describe « The Days of Grays » ?
I'd say it's a mix between Unia, some of our older stuff as well as some totally new things.

3) For me it the real good mixte between Unia and the older album, are you agree with that ?
Hehe, yeah I agree totally !!!

4) What about the lyrics ?
The main themes on the album are all quite dark and moody, this is perhaps the darkest album we've made so far.

5) The song « Juliet » seems to be link with old songs, is that true ?
Yeah, Juliet is part of the stalker-story previously written about in The end of this chapter, Don't say a word and Caleb

interview Sonata Arctica size="3" color="#CCCCCC">6) You use so many efect on the vocal, why did you use them
Tony was experimenting with his vocal sound quite a bit this time, I never asked him why but I think it's interesting with some changes every now and then.

7) Was it hard to choose the 2 singles ?
Not really, those were once again the most accessible songs on the album...I think...

8) « Flag in the Ground » sound like the « old » Sonata. Is it true that this song was 13 years old ?
The melody and chords are that old but the lyrics as well as the arrangement has changed quite a bit.

9) Who did the femal vocals on « Deathaura » and « No Dream Can Heal a Broken Heart » ?
Johanna Kurkela, she's a pop-singer of her own right and we knew her from before and really liked her luckily she was willing to sing for us on this album.

10) Can you tell us more about you first studio expérience with the « newbie » Elias Viljanen ?
It was really painless since El
interview Sonata Arcticaias is a really easy-going dude. I played the keyboards on his latest solo album earlier this year so I already had some experience of working with him.

11) What is the next step for the band ?
We'll be touring for the next two years, all over the world. Sometime next spring we'll shoot our next live-dvd as should be out by the end of 2010

12) When will you come back in France ?
I happy to say that we're coming to France in November

13) Unia was a complexe album, wich kind of feedback did you have ? Do you already have feedback for this new album ?
A lot of new people discovered Sonata Arctica because of Unia, some of the older fans did not really understand the album but all in all most people seem to enjoy it. I don't know what people think about the new album yet.

14) Last words are yours.....
I'm looking forward to see everyone on tour, it's been about 10 months since we last toured so we're really excited about getting out there once again.
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Exhera - 08 Septembre 2009: 6 Décembre à Anvers ;)
Ebrithil - 08 Septembre 2009: Anvers ? Fuck.
Pas de date à Lille... ?
SlaughterMan - 09 Septembre 2009: Très intéressant tout ça, merci.
bodyblazer - 09 Septembre 2009: 30 novembre à l'Elysée Montmartre, j'y serai!
Comme l'année dernière, d'ailleurs.
Merci pour l'interview.
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