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Ladies & gentlemen, welcome in the terrifying world of Berlin’s Necros Christos ! Their 1st album is without a doubt one of the best shit i listened to this year, hypnotical death-metal very heavy & oppressing the way i haven’t heard for a very long time. An interview with these masters of the macabre was obvious, Mors Dalos Ra (guitars, vox, keys) answered my questions in april 2007. On the menu : occultism, old-school metal & walking with the dead.

interview Necros Christos>Hi, i just bought your 1st album 'Triune Impurity Rites' & i must say it just blew me away. Aaarghh ! What a great example of how death-metal must sound : morbid, doomy, raw & occult superb music. Far from non-sense & as fast as possible modern death-metal. Can we begin this interview with a history of the band ? When did you decide to play morbid & slow death/doom metal of this kind ?
First of, a complete history of Necros Christos can be found at our webpage, so I would like to advise the interested reader to check out for further infos. To keep it short, we released three demos named “Necromantic Doom”, “Black Mass Desecration” as well as “Grave Damnation”, recorded two 7inches and a Split 10inch. The demos saw some re-releases on cd format though and we did some merch as shirts, pins and stickers as well. It must have been autumn 2001 when the grand Necros Christos had called me for the first time and I am his worthless instrument since then to audio-realize his will on earth.

>Did Necros Christos meet some line-up evolution during last years ? who are the different characters involved today in Necros Christos ?
Well, I completely started on my own, so every person who have entered the Coven of Nekros since its alpha birth can actually be regarded as a line-up change though. I worked with Mister Martin Chain on drums for the “Black Mass Desecration” demo, since he did quit Luciferus Christhammer is with me fortunately. We initiated Black Shepherd ov Doom as a bassplayer in 2005 and recently summoned a second guitarist within our temple called The Evil N. to finally complete the reversed Tetragrammaton known as Christos Necros.

>Did you get great reactions from the press & fans following your earlier recordings… in Germany & outside ?
We got many excellent reactions concerning our work from countries like Finland, Spain, Greece, America, Australia, Japan, Italy, France and many more, so we`re damn glad as it seems we have some kind of international fellowship of die hard Necros` neophytes.

>When listening your metal, i imagine only dark beings can bring life to such evil music. What kind of guys are you ? Do you need to be in a particular mood to compose your riffs & songs ? Do you live in a particular place ?
We all live in or near the outside of Berlin, Germany. I of course need to be in a sensitive mood to finally receive the transmissions Necros Christos is sending me, so I only pick up the guitar when I can feel the currents of necromantique inspiration flow as I never would jam around to write a song. Well, dark beings…I already have two sons, Christhammer having a daughter and we all are above thirty so I`m too old for this evil posing shit of being the most extreme Black Metal head. I do not give a fuck so to say. I experienced dread, obscure things spiritually which many normal persons couldn`t have been stand. I`m exploring the outer realms of mysticism, magic and the Occult Absolute since many, many years now and it seems that this passion of mine cannot be stopped according to a lot of personal reasons.

>When i‘m listening to 'Triune Impurity Rites' some old bands like Asphyx or Grave come to mind. What are the bands who construct your musical tastes ?
A fucking lot of, too many to mention, but I`ll try. First, I`m totally inspired by arabian, persian and jewish folk and instrumental pieces. Hassamoddin Seraj, Davod Az
interview Necros Christosad, Sha Jarian, Seddigh Tarif, Fateh Ali Khan, Rabih Abou Khalil just to name a few. Then comes german and italian baroque. Masters as Bach, Pergolesi, von Westhoff, Biber, Vivaldi, Corelli, de Visee etc… All kinds of metal/occult-rock of course : Black Sabbath, Manilla Road, Mercyful Fate, Coven, Pentagram (US), Goatlord, Morbid Angel, Incubus (FL), Autopsy, Doom Snake Cult, Repulsion, Master`s Hammer, Mystifier, Asphyx, Pentacle, Repugnant, Kaamos, Coffins, Teitanblood, Grave Miasma, Proclamation, Negative Plane, Excoriate, Archgoat, Katharsis, Portal, Black Witchery, fuck, the list could be endless…

>It’s obvious doom-metal had a strong impact on your compositions, are you rather inspired by old-school heavy-doom bands like St Vitus, Pentagram or Trouble or this is rather doom-death you listen ?
All kinds of doom, those you`ve already mentioned as well as Sunn O))), The Funeral Orchestra, Wraith Of The Ropes, Burning Witch, Winter, Spancer, Earth Flight and many more…

>One particularity of your first album is to include many interludes between each song, & that brings an even dark & occult atmosphere. How do you compose these parts ? Do you see them like some kind of rituals or only intros/outros ?
To be correct, we always had those “temples” on every Necros` recording so far and will have since its death. Every release of Necros Christos is a mass, so those interludes perfectly match with every single song and in the end connect the whole rite of worship strongly as ropes of steel.

>How do you write your lyrics ? Did you study occultism ? Where do you take inspiration ?
Necros Christos`lyrics are dealing with tales of the old testament, ancient egyptean miracles, middle eastern deities of good and evil, black mass mockery and copulation as well as a strong amount of everything which surrounds death and the deceased. On the contrary, my studies take part on the emanations of the holy qabalah, mystical occult expressions of the tora, ancient mysteries of the temples and tombs of Egypt as well as slight parts of asian philosophies as those of the Tao Te King of Master Laotse…

>Explain us the signification of this symbol inside your cd, this circle inside a triangle with 3 inscriptions at each angle ?
The symbol shows indeed a circle within a triangle with a 9 at every peak each gliding into a “d” for darkness, damnation, death. The empty circle represents Ain Soph, the Occult Absolute, but in a state of holding back its essence to create, which is called “ZimZum”. The Eternal showing off its exquisitely empty side of being. Out of this creation emanates three times 9, the analytical number of man representing Adam Kadmon, Adam Belial and Adam Protoplast. Beneath are the three “d”`s, the qliphotic counterparts for the numbers. Everyone into qabalah mysticism should know what I`m talking about.

>Do you often play live ? Do you practice rituals during your sets ? How would you dream of your best show ever ?
We proceed our live ceremonials very seldomly, 5 up to 7 times a year only. Other bands play that amount in about a month or two. But we all have regular jobs, Christhammer and I having a family for which we must take care and I really wanna keep the mystery level high instead of playing three times a month. Who would care for us after a year or two ? We`re out of the age anyway to play every weekend in another location… Well, rituals during our set ?
interview Necros Christos Our live set is one in itself, so everyone who ever attended a gig of us should know that. Best show ever ? We already had very good shows mostly due to the great crowd especially in Finland, so I better remember those great days we had there instead of dreaming about pure utopia.

>Why did you choose this band name ? I think spanish language can keep a lot of mysteries, this bring automatically to my mind all these crazy bands from south America…
Well, Necros Christos is obviously greek and can be translated as “dead christ”. But I like the spanish language a lot, everytime we met our brothers of Proclamation I listen fascinatingly as I`m addicted to its sound. And although I quite like some south american bands, Necros Christos hasn`t much in common with the style famous for this land.

>Are you fascinated by death ? Personnaly i’m not this kind of morbid guy, but i work in a library for students in medicine & sometimes i go to the morgue. This is an absolutely fascinating place, really breath-taking. Did you ever have some experiences with dead bodies ?
I had contact with dead bodies, limbs, litres of blood, being totally fascinated by death and love to walk on endless old cemetaries with none excepts me to breath and feel the air of the departed. I entered tombs, searched for bones, looked at the remains and still try to understand the grand bridge death obviously is to once face this step with knowledge of the beyond.

>Why did you sign on Sepulchral Voice ? With such a great album, i’m sure bigger labels should be interested.
I don`t give a fuck about bigger labels and shit, Sepulchral Voice did an outstanding job and are simply perfect for what Necros Christos is able to unleash. What is good on a contract about five or six records, the need to release an album each year, doing at least one bigger tour a year…? I can think of much higher goals than that… keeping an own personality though and your own freedom of art.

>What do you think about vinyls ? Will 'Triune Impurity Rites' be released in this format ?
I indeed love vinyl (well, which metalhead does not?) and yes, the album will also be released on black wax soon. Hopefully, we can bring it out before summer as I don`t want ot have such a long period after the cd release… But in the end it depends on us and not Sepulchral Voice, as we`re doing the layout and some things need obviously time.

>Being german, i’d like to know your opinion about the Taake’s scandal which took place in Essen, where Taake’s singer came on stage with a swastika painted on its body. Do you think provocation at all costs is possible in extreme-metal ?
I never heard of this happening though and will not comment on other band`s actions. According to Necros Christos, we never would step on stage with swastikas or things like that, we are an occult metal force so politics simply have no meaning for what we do… And, bands for whom it is necessary to provoke often lack of more serious things as the music for example.

>Well thanx for the time you spent answering my questions. & thanx for creating such a great album. Last words are yours.
Thank you very much for the interview and support, it`s appreciated. Necros Christos will continue, so be aware of the things to come… Nyne9, nyne9, nyne9… Mors Dalos Ra.

interview réalisée par DJ In Extremis

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