Deathstars (VO)

interview DeathstarsHow are you doing?
Well I got a flu, that's cool, i don't feel very well, it's different way to have sex you know.

For those who don't know about deathstars could you make a short cut to present de band?
Well Deathstars was originally an underground metal style, we come from the extreme metal scene with a band called Swordmaster but now we've changed it into Deathstars. Swordmaster was a very exclusive music, very underground, now we can drink champagne in limousine and it's quite easier to take girls!

So your second album Termination Bliss will be released in February accross europe, to you what are the main changes between the first album Synthetic Generation and this one?
It is much more complex, a very personnal album, lots of things happened in our lives since Synthetic Generation's recording, so the new songs are definately more personnal...With Synthetic Generation we were laying down the base of our style, it was the beginning...Termination Bliss is still about darkness, it is a concord of darkness flying over the world!

Did Nightmare write and compose all the songs or did you and the other members take part of the processus?
Ya Nightmare did all of the songs himself, he composed everything, it's all very personnal to him, he definately wrote what he had ins
interview Deathstarside, about his personnal experience during the last years. I just put the vocals on it.

The lyrics on Synthetic dealed more with destruction, they were fulled of rebellion against the world. Unlike the new songs are fulled of desesperation, almost hopeless about life. Do the lyrics definately represent your sight of the world?
Yes it's exactly that, it's all about darkness and desesperation, the end of everything. Nightmare who's my best friend went through very difficult times, he has been very depressive these last years something very sad happended to him, so he wrote what he felt inside, it's all about his feelings and the events he went through.

Musically talking, synths and keyboards are much more present, we can even hear som piano on Blitzkrieg and Virtue to Vice intro, which is brand new for the band. Was it because you wanted to enhance the dramatic or melancolic, depressive side of those songs?
No actually we didn't plan things like that, we didn't want to make « that song should sound like that » we just did things like the way it was meant to be, the way we felt, nothing was planned.

Which one of the songs on the album are you the most proud of?
Hum I don't know, it's always a hell to answer that.. but I guess Tongues maybe...

Could you tell us what is the
interview Deathstars hidden meaning of Termination Bliss?
It is the bliss of the end, the end of everything, the end of life...

You guys have recorded for the first time in the Black Syndicate Studio, so how did it all happen and are you satisfied with the result?
Yes it was the first time we recorded there, as it is owned by Nightmare himself it was pretty cool to go there in the middle of the night (laugh)! We could do anything we wanted to, everything went very well and yes of course we are totally satisfied with the result, it sounds pretty cool.

Beast has left the band a few months ago, will you have a new live member for the next tour?
Yes probably, we'll have a session member for the tour, we haven't found a guitarist yet, but yes we have to find one, not necessarily a man, a girl who can play guitar is welcome as well!

And so logical question to the previous one will we have the chance to see live in france?
Yeah hopefully, there are many places we want to go to, but france is excellent we really hope to come there soon.

Thank you very much for your time and for this interview, hope you'll get well very soon, I let you the final words you can say anything you want...
Well sorry i'm really sick, i don't know what to say...hum...I love you (laugh)!

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