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une interview de la charmante Sakara, chanteuse de Apparition, merci à elle

interview Apparition (UK)Hello Sakara, could you introduce yourself?
Hi my name is Sakara a singer/songwriter from the Midlands UK. As well as my own project I have also recently joined UK metal band Apparition.

What about your musical studies?
I am self taught musician and singer and developed through my own experimentation in various bands and projects over the years. I didn’t feel that having lessons early on would benefit me as i did not want to be influenced or programmed to sing in any particular way. I wanted to find my own unique sound before having any lessons. After I discovered my own voice there was no chance of being moulded so I later had a couple of singing lessons and I learnt some helpful techniques in taking better care of my voice

You sing with your personal project and with Apparition, at first, how do you joined Apparition?
We were introduced to each other 3 years ago. At this time Apparition were looking for a replacement singer and were interested in me. I really liked them but the timing wasn’t right because having been in bands for years I wanted to work on a solo album. In the summer of 2012 Apparition’s Dave Homer messaged me again to find out if I was willing and able to join them and after a very positive meeting decided we would work together.

And how is born your personal album "Blood and Stone"?
After a long journey with various bands I decided that I wanted to go solo and in 2011 I met Composer/Producer Stephen Clarke (Thin Man) who helped me to d
interview Apparition (UK)o just that. “Blood & Stone” was an amazing journey for me it allowed me to express the things deep in my heart and soul. I had wanted to create something like this for so long in my own style and in my own way and after a lot of hard work “Blood & Stone “was finally born and was released early 2012 through Ravenheart Music Records

Are you writing the lyrics our music with Apparition?
We have spoken about this and we are very excited about writing new material together I am sure the combination of Apparition and Sakara will be an interesting mix and I am looking forward to seeing how we evolve as a band

You played recently at the Dame of Darkness" festival; what about your feeling for that show?
I heard about the Dames of Darkness Festival a few years back and since always wanted to be on the line up so it was awesome that that dream came to pass. I really enjoyed myself both on and off stage. The bands were awesome, the audience and atmosphere totally amazing! Playing on a line up that included Visions of Atlantis and Delain is by far one of the high lights of my career.

Any other gigs soon?
We have lots of shows coming up this year in the UK and Abroad. Including Scarfest UK in August and Kraken Metal Fest Belgium in November. We played Paris in May with Whyzdom which was awesome

You play a very melodic metal, how could you describe your kind of music?
I like that, melodic metal I think that describes my style quite well. I have alw
interview Apparition (UK)ays loved creating atmosphere in music which is channelled through a deep connection I have with the natural world, I am inspired by the beauty and mystery of nature so the atmosphere is often quite haunting. I love all kinds of music and enjoy experimenting and crossing a lot of musical boundaries and as I grow and evolve as a person so too shall my music. Melodic hard rock today describes my music as reuniting gothic, a little progressive and power metal, dotted with traces of melodic metal and traces of death metal.“ I quite like that description because like nature my music is many things gentle, serene and melodic but also powerful, aggressive and strong. Blood & Stone” weaves together many genres to create something that is uniquely my own but also something that we can all indentify with.

Do you have any projects now?
Yes I am currently working on my second solo album with the very talented Composer/Producer Stephen Clarke (Thin Man) who worked with me on “Blood & Stone” I am very excited to work with him again and see how the story unfolds

What would you tell to people who believe that "metal is just noise listen by barbarians"
Everyone has a right to their opinion and we all have different tastes in music but I would say to give it a chance before judging. There are some amazing and talented bands and artists out there that are often over looked. Metal for me has an intensity and passion that you can’t find in any other genre and not to forget there are many forms of metal so it’s finding the right kind of metal for you ;-)
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