Red (USA)

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Aussi connu sous R3D
Statut Actif
Date de formation 2004
Ville Nashville-Davidson
Fans 332
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  • Jasen Rauch


    [2004-2009] [since 2009], session member, Love And Death (session), Nine Lashes (session), ex-Fireflight (session), ex-Korn (session)

  • Randy Armstrong

    Basse, Choeurs, Claviers

    [since 2004]

  • Anthony Armstrong

    Guitare, Choeurs

    [since 2004]

  • Michael Barnes


    [since 2004]

  • Dan Johnson

    Batterie, Percussions

    [since 2014], Love And Death, Back From Ashes, ex-Head, ex-The Sammus Theory

Membres passés

  • Hayden Lamb

    Batterie, Percussions


  • Joe Rickard

    Batterie, Percussions

    [2009-2014], Starset, Caleb Johnson, ex-The Wedding, ex-Pillar, ex-Love And Death (session), ex-Head (session)

  • Andrew Hendrix

    Guitare, Batterie, Percussions