Nightfall in Middle-Earth

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Band Name Blind Guardian
Album Name Nightfall in Middle-Earth
Type Album
Data de aparición 24 Abril 1998
Labels Virgin
Producido por Flemming Rasmussen
Enregistrado en Sweet Silence Studios
Estilo MusicalMelodic Power
Miembros poseen este álbum595


1. War of Wrath 01:50
2. Into the Storm 04:24
3. Lammoth 00:28
4. Nightfall 05:34
5. The Minstrel 00:32
6. The Curse of Feanor 05:41
7. Captured 00:26
8. Blood Tears 05:24
9. Mirror Mirror 05:06
10. Face the Truth 00:24
11. Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns) 06:51
12. Battle of Sudden Flame 00:44
13. Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill) 04:53
14. The Dark Elf 00:23
15. Thorn 06:19
16. The Eldar 03:39
17. Nom the Wise 00:33
18. When Sorrow Sang 04:25
19. Out on the Water 00:44
20. The Steadfast 00:21
21. A Dark Passage 06:01
22. Final Chapter (Thus Ends...) 00:48
Bonustracks (Japanese Release)
23. Nightfall (Orchestral Version) 05:38
24. A Dark Passage (Instrumental Version) 06:06
Bonustrack (Re-issue 2007)
23. Harvest of Sorrow 03:39
Total playing time 1:05:30

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Crónica @ stelios1988

18 Junio 2010
Hello from Greece

I am huge fan of power metal music and Blind Guardian are one of the best in this specialized genre of metal music.I would like to express some thoughts and ideas about the most inspired, if i could say that,album of the band.

Nightfall in Middle-Earth isn't my favorite album of the band but i believe that is the most inspired. The mixture of medieval music patterns and modern patterns of power metal helped to be created a jewel in the crown of Metal in general.The lyrics,also,were dedicated to the master of fairytale of modern times, J.Tolkien.

The album has many very heavy and speed songs (Into the Storm,Mirror Mirror,Time Stands Still etc..) and the preludes of them give to the listener the essence of being in the mystical paths of Middle-Earth. The talent of the band is flowing in many songs but the most inspired for me,is "Mirror Mirror". The medieval roads of the music in contribution with the excellent voice of Hansi and the choir and also the very well written lyrics of this song have created this masterpiece.Excellent rhythm and melody, well played drums and also the aerial voices of choir help this song to be taken off and also the mystical mid tempo voice of the singer creates the sense of a tale which bards narrated in royal courts and in misty inns...

Moreover,the tale continues in song like "Noldor" and "Curse of Feanor"(actually my favorite character of Tolkien's tales) which give to the listener the points of the story which is narrated in this album.

I hope that my ideas and thoughts were helpful for the new listeners of this album

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