Last Rites

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Band Name Pentagram (USA)
Album Name Last Rites
Type Album
Data de aparición 12 Abril 2011
Estilo MusicalDoom Metal
Miembros poseen este álbum82


 Treat Me Right
 Call the Man
 Into the Ground
 Everything's Turning to Night
 Windmills and Chimes
 American Dream
 Walk in Blue Light
 Death in 1st Person
 Nothing Left

Total playing time: 44:19

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Pentagram (USA)

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Crónica @ Dr.Feelgood

19 Abril 2011

Doom For All Time

What if more than 38 years have been gone and this band is still alive? Now they are 40 and they keep up their music. What if old songs are being heard again and clearer? What if drugs would ruin Bobby's life and he could not offer to us another masterpiece anymore? Well, now he is clean, full of positive thoughts and most important for him and for all Pentagram fans is that he and Victor Griffin left all their arguments and bad moments behind and they decided that together they can do great things. The result of this friendship is their new album Last Rites. After seven years Pentagram feel young more than ever and they creat an album which can easily be regarded as one the best doom albums from the fathers of this style.

Last Rites is the album that has all the basic characteristics of Pentagram, they do not try to do anything new, they do not borrow any clues from other bands, especially by the time that other bands such as Candlemass, Trouble and Cathedral borrow parts from Pentagram's music. This is the album which has the atmosphere of the '70s and by hearing "Treat me right" anyone can realize it, a nice song for the beginning, but... "Call the man" is not just a nice song, it is an anthem that will last for a life. Griffin is the creator through his magic riff and the others are the executors and those who do what this riff demands. Now about its solo my words are not enough to describe it. Whichever song you listen to you can not resist it, you want to hear first "8", "Into the ground" or "Everything's turning to night", they are irresistible.

Even the song "Windmills and chimes" which sounds more like a ballad let us say that it is a sweet moment which permits the light to enter in the darkness of the album. Here Liebling is presented himself more gentle, what exactly do and the rest members. After "American dream" the album is becoming more heavy and doom, it is like a place where humility and black are one, there you can live only if you are ready to leave the world. This delirium is derived from the heavy riffs, the glutinous rhythm and the lyrics of "Walk in blue light", "Death in 1st person" and "Nothing Left", songs which come from the middle '70s when danger was the synonym of doom metal.

May this album will not reach the success and the majesty of their first creation Relentless, but now that Black Sabbath's future is uncertain and Pentagram are still here Last Rites is the seal of the present and future of doom metal and an album pointer for the new bands. I do not know if this album will be the last for Pentagram, but I am sure for one thing, that Liebling and Grigffin can be kings when they are together!

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