Day of Mourning

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Band Name Despised Icon
Album Name Day of Mourning
Type Album
Data de aparición 22 Septiembre 2009
Labels Century Media
Estilo MusicalDeathcore
Miembros poseen este álbum162


 Les Temps Changent
 Day of Mourning
 MVP (ft. Kevin McCoughey of Ion Dissonance & Gabriel McCoughry)
 All for Nothing
 Made of Glass
 Black Lungs
 Diva of Disgust
 Entre le Bien et le Mal

 Five One Four

Total playing time: 38:13

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Crónica @ CLucker666

09 Enero 2012

GREAT album to finish up on

Well I am going to start this review off by saying that I think this is Despised Icon's best album by far and it makes me so sad to know they are not together anymore. Day of Mourning is filled with shear brutality, bone crushing breakdowns, and fantastic melody!

Well I am going to start off with the drumming. Most every song has a few blast beats in them and they are all top notch. The speed and the timing of the blast beats just make this album. The drums are probably the first thing I notice when listening to this album. It just fits so damn well with everything and damn! I just can not get enough of it. It is hard to chose a song that it stands out the most in, but if you want to see what I am talking about. Listen to the first half of the song MVP. It is filled with intensely fast blast beats and the ending of the song is one long breakdown where it does not stand out much, but is a damn good breakdown.

The guitars are amazing also! The riffs in this album are mostly pretty fast and brutal and none of them sound bad at all. The guitar tone has a real crunchy/heavy sound that just makes the album so much more brutal along with the drums. They are not the most creative riffs I have ever heard but they fit perfectly with this album. The song Made Of Glass has some really fast tremolo picking which sparked my interest a lot. So that is about it with the guitar work

Now onto the vocals. They sound SO much better without the constant pig squealing. I really really like how they prioritized on low pitched vocals. There are some highs thrown in there every now and then and they fit pretty well. Nobody likes an album with the same vocal pitch all the way through. Well, at least I don't(with exceptions).

My favorite song of the album is Entre Le Bien Et Le Mal. It is the ninth track and I think it has the most unique sounding riff of the album. I am talking about the part where it is a higher pitched riff with really past picking going on. It sound the best when there is the breakdown at 2:25. After that breakdown there is a pretty nice melodic guitar solo with great double bass kicks from the drummer. I also really liked the outro Sleepless. Sleepless is full of emotion and perfect melody for me. That song is one of the most amazing outros I have ever heard. It is the perfect ending to this brutal masterpiece of an album.

So that about wraps it up. Anybody into death metal and deathcore MUST listen to Day of Mourning. I love every listen I get and I would like to know everyones opinion. I gave this album an 18/20.

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miniradman - 10 Enero 2012: I've always mean meaning to check out this album. Now that i have, I feel stupid for not doing it earlier :P
CLucker666 - 10 Enero 2012: haha yep. this album is pretty great
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