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Natas Evoli

Album, 2008, Self-Released

Satanic Saucepans : Natas Evoli


1. Atomic Enema
2. Natas Evoli
3. Save the Whales (Eat a Dolphin)
4. Peace, Happiness and Harmony
5. Chorus of Death
6. Suicide Deity
7. Fingering Aminor
8. Your God is Dead so Worship me Instead
9. Feline Asphyxiation
10. Death by Torture
11. Ballad
12. Satan Killed my Dog
13. Fingering Amajor
14. Killing is a Natural Part of Life
15. Dead, Your Boss is Dead
16. Thirsty
17. Ride the Dragon
18. Keep it Simple Stupid

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Burning Love

EP, 2008, Self-Released

Satanic Saucepans : Burning Love


1. Burning Love
2. Baby, One More Time
3. Feel Like Makin Luv
4. Hey Ya

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Album, 2010, Self-Released

Satanic Saucepans : Helmetal


1. All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt
2. Helmetal
3. The Dark
4. Tits a Lovely Day
5. That's Talent
6. The Devil Found my Car Keys
7. Rusty Bullet Hole
8. Luxor
9. Kyle Fucking Idiot
10. Anal Leakage
11. Demi God/Playing God
12. Death of a Lady
13. Twat a Lovely Night
14. Wednesday, Top Night for Two in the Arse
15. Six Oysters
16. Iustus Mediocris Dies

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Far King Pistol Day

Album, 01 January 2011, SSP

Satanic Saucepans : Far King Pistol Day


1. Outro (The end of the beginning)
2. Being evil is much more fun.
3. Rubber gloves.
4. I lost my testicles in a fireworks accident.
5. Vengeance.
6. Shit and batteries
7. Burn.
8. Far King Pistol Day.
9. Intermission.
10. WWF.
11. Why is Quorthon dead while Bret Michaels is still alive?
12. Coffee.
13. Satan's vindaloo curry.
14. Ode to Liechtenstein.
15. Death by XB coupe.
16. The muddy female dog's love for a giant male chicken.
17. Intro (The beginning of the end)
-Bonus live tracks-
19. Killing is a natural part of life.
20. Save the whales (Eat a dolphin)
21. Ride the dragon.
22. Thirsty.

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Hot n' Cold

EP, 08 March 2011, SSP

Satanic Saucepans : Hot n' Cold


1. Hot n' Cold
2. Gimme Some Lovin'
3. Werewolves of London
4. In the Air Tonight

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Fritzlappers Hard Rock Album

Album, 20 September 2013, SSP

Satanic Saucepans : Fritzlappers Hard Rock Album


1. Down Down
2. Born in the USA
3. Fortunate Son
4. Better
5. Dude Looks Like a Lady
6. Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
7. Fat Bottomed Girls
8. (Pride) in the Name of Love
9. Untitled

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Missionary Man

EP, 17 August 2015, SSP

Satanic Saucepans : Missionary Man


1. Don't You Forget About Me
2. Hungry Like the Wolf
3. Far Side of Crazy
4. Missionary Man

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Hans Fritzlapper - Pure Audio Vomit

Album, 10 December 2016, SSP

Satanic Saucepans : Hans Fritzlapper - Pure Audio Vomit


1. You Spin Me Round (like a Record) (Dead 0r Alive Cover)
2. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Beatles Cover)
3. Safety Dance (Men Without Hats Cover)
4. Big Girl (Mika Cover)
5. Horns Up (Ode to Metal) (Hans Fritzlapper)
6. Downunder (Men At Work Cover)
7. Seven Nation Army (White Stripes Cover)
8. Fortunate Son (Credence Clearwater Revival Cover)
9. I Love It (Icona Pop Cover)
10. Satan's An Ass Man - Hans Fritzlapper)
11. Layla - Derek And The Dominos cover)
12. Lola - The Kinks cover
13. Powerhouse (Bass Solo) (Raymond Scott Cover)
14. Addicted to Bass (Puretone Cover)
15. Banging Cock in Bangkok (Hans Fritzlapper)
16. One Night in Bangkok (Murray Head Cover)
17. Something Good (Utah Saints Cover)
18. She Caught the Katy (Taj Mahal (Blues Brothers) Cover)
19. Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf Cover)
20. Single Ladies (Beyonce Cover) (Hans Fritzlapper)
21. Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin Cover)
22. In a Big Country (Big Country Cover)
23. Up Around the Bend (Credence Clearwater Revival Cover)
24. Run Runaway (Slade Cover)
25. Monkees Theme (Monkees Cover)

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