Natas Evoli

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Band Name Satanic Saucepans
Album Name Natas Evoli
Type Album
Released date 2008
Labels Self-Released
Music StyleThrash Death
Members owning this album1


1. Atomic Enema
2. Natas Evoli
3. Save the Whales (Eat a Dolphin)
4. Peace, Happiness and Harmony
5. Chorus of Death
6. Suicide Deity
7. Fingering Aminor
8. Your God is Dead so Worship me Instead
9. Feline Asphyxiation
10. Death by Torture
11. Ballad
12. Satan Killed my Dog
13. Fingering Amajor
14. Killing is a Natural Part of Life
15. Dead, Your Boss is Dead
16. Thirsty
17. Ride the Dragon
18. Keep it Simple Stupid

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Satanic Saucepans